SchwartzReport: Beyond Carbon Energy — Developing Nations Breaking Free with Renewables

05 Energy
Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

In the last three days I have found four stories making the specious argument that we must continue to support carbon energy because it, and only it, will end poverty. I published one of the most glaring examples the other day. The truth however is rather different. Developing nations that are not already in the grip of the carbon energy corporatists are finding they can skip the whole carbon energy business in the same way they skipped the whole copper wire communications era, and went straight to wireless and mobile phones. And, when they make this decision, they discover how quickly they can develop power even in remote areas, as this essay describes.

The energy myth that refuses to die: Why renewables are taking over in the developing world

Poor nations are embracing clean energy at twice the pace of rich ones, a new report finds

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