ANSWERS to Tomas in Brazil on Capitalism, Free Energy, Black Global Government, and Extra-Terrestials

Robert David STEELE Vivas
Robert David STEELE Vivas

1) The Global Black Government (GBG) is, at least, 100 years ahead of any openly know technology.

This is really two issues: whether Extra-Terrestial (ET) Technology has been obtained from ETs, and whether technology such as free energy has been repressed to protect legacy investments.  I believe the answer to both is yes.  I have no direct experience or access to ET arena but I have reviewed a number of books that I find completely credible, and at Phi Beta Iota there are a number of posts, for example on the Canadian Defense Minister testifying about 8 ET “races” that the government was officially in liaison with.

extraterrestrial @ Phi Beta Iota   .   Intelligence (Extra-Terrestrial)

2) The GBG has quantum computing and this allows, for example,  any kind of Mining of Meaning at Big data.

Here I think the answer is no. The highest form of computing available to the elements of the GBG such as Wall Street appears to be flash trading.  Computing is actually in its infancy.  This is also an interesting question because it raises the question of top down versus bottom up computing.  Below is a fascinating commentary.  One of the reasons I am such a huge fan of open source everything engineering is because it empowers the public — Puerto Alegre times 5 billion — and because open source is infinitely affordable, interoperable, and scalable.  This cannot be said for top down initiatives and is the reason the Limits to Growth initiative from the Club of Rome failed — they “assumed” top town wisdom and integrity and rejected the competing proposal that focused on bottom up education and empowering the public.

Stewart Brand: Kevin Kelly on Holos Rising

It is also important to observe that however good anyone's big data capabilities are (mostly myths and malpractice), what you measure does matter.  In my experience no one is measuring with holistic analytics (understanding all feedback loops, e.g. between GMO foods and third generation sterility) nor true cost economics (how much water, fuel, toxin, etcetera in any given product, policy, service, or behavior). We also do not do intra-terrestial intelligence — plants and animal communicate and have their own intelligence.

Analytics   .    Big Data   .   Open Source   .   True Cost

3) The Vatican + The City + Washington DC are the tree legs of the GBG.

This is very interesting. I consider Washiington DC and the UK Govenrment to be part of the servant class, not powerful in and of themselves. There are perhaps 6 truly great families going back in history among which the Rothchilds are among the newest — and increasingly under attack from Asia and Africa. I see banking and core land-owning families as central, with religions and governments as pawns. Certainly the Vatican has much to atone for, including its support for Nazis and its prominent role, along with the CIA, in exfiltrating Nazis and their gold out of Germany to the USA and Argentina among other locations. What matters for me is that there has been a general conspiracy to deprive publics of the education, decision support and benefits of research possible all these years. Governments and religions have betrayed the public trust. I have full confidence in the ideas of Michel Bauwens, among others, with respect to the emergence of Peer to Peer (P2P) alternatives. I believe that the world is in the process of “retiring” the industrial era evil centered in banks and concentrated wealth, and in the process of returning to the wisdom and integral practices of our indigenous forebearers. Brazil, among all the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa — missing Indonesia) is in my view the best positioned to help Africa, Latin America, and South Asia create a “third way” that is rooted in reconnecting the public to education and to nature. We do this with holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering.  See my UN Background paper at

On a positive note, I see the elites breaking ranks, with Inclusive Capitalism, Mutuality Economics, and Redemptive Capitalism as concepts that are code for “stop the pitchforks.” I also see the Pope restoring the Jesuits (cut by 50% over the past two decades), Liberation Theology, and a focus on the poor. This is an area where Brazil could deliberately take the lead and create a new hybrid governance model in which the Catholic Church and the labor unions as well as young students come together to foster the “third way” of prosperity and peace for all without predatory capitalism or ideological brainwashing.

4) One of the main tenets  of the GBG is Thomas Maltus (Georgia Guide stones) and from that spawns  a pletora of bad behaviors, as eugenics, mass murder, deceives, thief, etc…

It is not just Maltus and a mis-interpretation of Darwin that has led to disaster, but Western science in general, which is reductionist rather than integral, and divorced humanity from nature and from ethics, philosophy, and religion as a vehicle for communicating deep cultural truths. The concentration of wealth has allowed people like Bill Gates to support eugenics in vaccines while avoiding the much more challenging task of educating the five billion poor so that they self-regulate. Earth is a huge system of systems within which top down human decision-making is a cancer. For humanity to be a vibrant part of the Earth in the future, we must reassert the bottom-up self-determination role of humans in community.  I must stress this last part: libertarianism is a form of facist ideology. Individual rights end where community harm begins. It is the grass roots community that should be the central organizing principle for humanity, rejecting absentee governments and absentee landlords, both of whom are ignorant as well as toxic.

Eugenics @ Phi Beta Iota

5) The so called “powers that be” (a subset of the GBG) keep us all as the Flintstones but we could live as the Jetsons since, at least, the 1900.

I think of 1920 as the turning point.  That is when Ford (who wanted to connect money to tangible public investments in which the public was the primary stakeholder) broke with the Rockefellers and the Rockefellers and Carnegies decided to take over both public transportation and public education to destroy them both.  They bought up public transportation in order to stop it from developing and force the suburban model with its dependence on private cars and public highways, and they took over education in order to convert it into factory training camps instead of life-affirming liberation education.

6) Even the so called “alternative media” has been systematically avoiding to talk about this :

For those who do not wish to visit the URL, it is  focused on the views of Dr. Judy Wood with respect to the role of free energy in the disappearance of three World Trade Center towers during the 9/11 event.

On 9/11, I hold in the very highest regard for the Families of 9/11 who were the first to question the government's lies, and the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, who have done more than anyone to methodically document both the lies being told by the government, and the unanswered questions that have not been addressed.  Below is one summary drawn from them, note that 13 countries are known to have warned the US in advance. There is no question but that Dick Cheney “let it happen” and that Larry Silverstein knew in advance and installed controlled demolitions in all three buildings, one of which was not hit at all (the other two were probably hit by collapsable drones made up to look like airplanes).

Mini-Me: 9/11 Convergence + NEW Information + Comment by Robert Steele + List of Advance Warnings from Over 13 Countries

The entire matter of free energy, nuclear coke cans, and other alternative theories remains to be properly examined. I personally feel that controlled demolitions is still the best explanation for how the buildings came down, but I am not fully satisfied with prevailing explanations of how so much of the critical mass vaporized. That is an important question.

The day will come with the public in the USA “wakes up” to the truth about how JFK and MLK were assassinated by their own government acting on behalf of banks, Israel, energy, crime families, and the military-industrial complex; and to the truth about 9/11, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Bombing — the prevalence of false flag operations is leading up to the unraveling of governments that have over-stepped. We are now far over the line with respect to lies that can be sustained under scrutiny, and the Internet is empowering public inquiry. The collapse of governments that lie is inevitable. The collapse of corporations that fail to respect true costs (water, fuel, toxins, child labor, etcetera) is inevitable. The collapse of banks is inevitable — I anticipate central banks and fractional reserve lending to be destined for eradication within ten years.

7) If an organism is composed mainly by good cells, but the brain was taken by a cancer… The actions of this organism will reflect the bad intentions of the cancer, regardless what all the other cells may think. Plus, all those ethical cells that are helping the cancer are also guilty of the bad deeds of the sick brain.

I agree. The vast majority of people in governments, banks, and corporations and religions are good people trapped in bad systems. They do not realize their power to do good.  I am especially distressed by the prevailing tendency among flag officers and senior executive officers in the US Government as well as their subordinates to the effect that they must be LOYAL to the civilian (political) chain of command and obey or resign.  This is a complete misreading of their Oath to defense the US Constitution from all enemies domestic and foreign. Dick Cheney succeeded at great evil because George Tenet, then Director of Central Intelligence, and Colin Powell, then Secretary of State, chose to sacrifice their integrity and support 935 lies out of “loyalty.” They betrayed their oath and they betrayed the public. The “third way” is to refuse to obey illegal orders and denounce those giving illegal orders to the public and to the legislature, qualifying them for impeachment proceedings.

8) There are Extra Terrestrial beings (EBEs) here since always but in the Modern Era the bad ones are in cahoots with the GBG, what it is extremely detrimental to all of us, the 99%.

Based on my reading and common sense I am certain that there are ETs among us, some working with governments, but I do not believe they are in cahoots with the GBG. If anything I think we are of lesser intelligence and vastly lesser ethics. They are treating us as a petri dish, containing our nuclear destructive tendencies to some extent (some fascinating writing exists on how major nuclear attacks and accidents have been prevented “by miracle”).  One ET observer speaking on national television in the US has said he thinks that Earth is “quarentined.” I am inclined to agree. Right now we are nasty corrupt brutes in the eyes of anyone with intelligence and integrity, because we are not living up to our full potential. I like to say that the one unlimited resource we have on Earth in the human brain, but we are deliberately containing and frustrating the intelligence and imagination and integrity of the five billion poor. Concentrated wealth today is inherited wealth, and as Thomas  Piketty has shown, many of the children inheriting the wealth are rather stupid and very selfish (there are also a few that realize their parents have done great evil and they speak of “Redemptive Capitalism.”

One book that connects Rule by Secrecy with presumed alien landings and alien influence on how humanity has been organized is below. I personally do not have an opinion, only a belief that easily half of what we should know about all history in all languages has been concealed and that we suffer from many information pathologies that limit our effort to uplift humanity.

Review: Rule by Secrecy–The Hidden History That Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids

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