Berto Jongman: Pedophilia UK — Five MP Rings Under Investigation — Time for an International Tribunal?

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Scotland Yard is probing five VIP paedophile rings after Labour MP hands in dossier naming six serving politicians and Lords

  • MP John Mann has given explosive dossier on alleged abuse to police
  • Document names 22 politicians, including three serving MPs
  • It also names three members of House of Lords linked to historic abuse
  • Mr Mann says ‘at least five paedophile rings which involved MPs’
  • Dossier also includes names of 13 ex-ministers, including at least two who are claimed to have gone to ‘abuse parties’ at Dolphin Square, Pimlico

Phi Beta Iota: As in the USA, which also has a massive elite pedophilia network, no UK commission can be trusted to be serious about this threat to society. The good news is that the Internet and mobile phones are empowering the public and forcing information that could be dismissed in the past, into the public domain. The exposure of the elites is inevitable — it could trigger a revolution as pedophilia is “the last veil” for many. In our view, an international tribunal is required, one with international investigative authority and full access to all records by treaty — and Administration that fails to grant this access should be regarded as complicit with the elite pedophiles, and removed from office. Such a tribunal will inevitably require a deep supporting investigation into segments of the Catholic Church as well as local to global criminal networks trafficking in small children.

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