Mongoose: Paris 12 False Flag Video Evidence — Zionists Killing Innocents for Effect

07 Other Atrocities, IO Deeds of War

Owl has previously suggested first 65% and most recently 80% probability of the Paris 12 being a false flag event. With the revelation of the Zionist ownership of the “victim” organization, and the video of a fake head shot with no splatter (as well as blank dust-off ), we now take our estimate to 90%.

Charlie Hebdo Financed by Rich Zionist Jed Sunden

Video of Fake Shooting of a Policeman

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Charlie Hebdo, Zionism & Media Deception

Founder Slams “Zionist, Islamophobic” Charlie

Girlfriend of Charlie Hebdo Editor is Arch-Zionist

Phi Beta Iota: The Zionists (not to be confused with Jews loyal to any given country) will pay any price — witness the USS Liberty — to manipulate world opinion. The Paris 12 murders are not what they seem to be, and the mainstream media is to be scorned for its craven deliberate ignorance.

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