Owl: Paris 12 French Police Commissioner “Suicided” — Probability of Mossad False Flag with French Intelligence Complicity 65% Update 2

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

Probability Rising Paris Massacre a False Flag

Mossad and French Intel deeply involved with Paris massacre


Lead French Police Commissioner “Suicided”

We wonder what he found out to become “suicided”:

“Police commissioner Helric Fredou, who had been investigating the attack on the French weekly satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, committed suicide in his office. The incident occurred in Limoges, the administrative capital of the Limousin region in west-central France, on Thursday night, local media France 3 reports. Helric Fredou, 45, suffered from depression and experienced burn out. Shortly before committing suicide, he met with the family of a victim of the Charlie Hebdo attack and killed himself preparing the report.


Charlie Hebdo Attack Investigator Commits Suicide: Reports Police commissioner, who had been investigating the attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine committed suicide with his service gun on Thursday night

Around 1:03 in this video, this reporter from Sky News says on camera blood was added to the scene where the police officer was supposedly killed. The reporter spoke very good Queen’s English, so this was a rather odd turn of phrase. A Freudian slip? Implying, as several alternative media articles state, that the policeman was not killed, because they say he shot at with blanks in the guns – the shooting of the cop was staged:


Flowers Mark The Spot Where Police Officer Was Gunned Down

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