Jean Lievens: Open Co-Operativism

Crowd-Sourcing, Design, Economics/True Cost, Innovation, Politics
Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

Toward an Open Co-Operativism

Pat Conaty and David Bollier, Commons Transition

“The power of open source principles, now proven beyond a doubt, is rapidly proliferating into many other areas of culture, production and social life.  The prospect of more participatory, socially convivial forms of production – accountable to communities and mindful of the larger common good – has never seemed more achievable.  Still, there are important organizational, legal and financial hurdles to overcome – not to mention cultural and political differences – that must be dealt with if co-operatives are to find common ground with digital commoners and peer producers.  Fortunately, there are emerging models such as multi-stakeholder cooperatives that could be vehicles for such cooperation.” Read full paper.