SchwartzReport: Wind-Powered Freighters

05 Energy
Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

We tend to think of ships in pretty set and conventional ways. If I say a freighter you probably immediately have a an image in your mind. But one of the most interesting aspects of the conversion out of the carbon energy era is the development of wind-powered ships. This is not a small deal. As the report explains 90 per cent of the worlds trading goods move by ship at some point. This new technology it is estimated will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 80 per cent.

Wind-powered freighters

To make ships more eco-efficient, engineers have been working with alternative fuels. A Norwegian engineer is currently pursuing a new approach: With VindskipTM, he has designed a cargo ship that is powered by wind and gas. Software developed by Fraunhofer researchers will ensure an optimum use of the available wind energy at any time. Read full press release.

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