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Jennifer West
Jennifer West

Jennifer West

Campaign for Liberty and Voices of Liberty have contact information listed on their websites. They return information rather promptly. I'm not sure RP is doing interviews any longer. I wonder though how you feel about the  listed items here. I'm not asking for you to comment here but if you like, why wait for an interview we could start finding out what you believe in now.

Robert David STEELE
Robert David STEELE

ROBERT STEELE: First off, while my answers to your questions are below, what is really really important to understand about the Electoral Reform campaign is that my opinions on any given issue are irrelevant. The point is to get all of the disenfranchised, including Libertarians (largest party after the two-party tyranny), Greens, Constitution, and Working Families, as well as Independents and non-extremist members of the two parties now monopolizing power, back into power. I am proposing that we set aside all issues — all disagreements — all prothlesizing — WITHOUT EXCEPTION — to focus on the ONE THING that we should all be able to to agree on and win if we do so: kick the two-party tyranny out of power, and restore integrity to the electoral process, to governance, and thence to the economy and society.

Update: Ron Paul book reviews and other Libertarian links including interview with The Daily Bell added at end of post.

1. Common Law of the People. Have not been following this but believe that the right to a trial by one's peers should not be abrogated by any treaty, trade agreement, or corporate agreement, i.e. arbitration is optional but not mandatory. I further believe that we need to kick some serious judicial ass and start enforcing the constitutional right of a jury to not only find people completely innocent, but overturn, with prejudice, the idiot laws or regulations they have been charged with violating.

2. Natural Law vs. Rule of Law. This strikes a chord with me but I believe it is too often abused by people who are intolerant of reasoned community dialog — while of course being rejected by the captured Supreme Court and the US Chamber of Commerce. I offer no informed opinion here, other than a personal preference for limiting federal governance to that which is explicitly addressed by the Constitution, with no executive or legislative or judicial “extensions,” and reverting to the lowest possible level (township on up) — for example, no federal or state law should overturn any rights to subsistence hunting or butchery or organic milk, etcetera.  Not something I have focused on.

3. New Columbia Constitution, American University Law Review [Vol. 32:635]. I support DC Statehood (especially if Hawaii leaves as I expect it will soon, so we can keep 50 stars), and I believe Congress should not have a private preserve or make any laws or receive any benefits not also applicable and available to every citizen.

4. International Tribunal Criminal Courts and POP Ratzinger and Q. of England. I've noticed these folks before and do not believe they have a chance in hell of every being successful in their present configuration.  HOWEVER, I also believe they represent an educational and political activist model for citizens of legitmate states to begin crowd-sourced and crowd-funded investigations, to demand national investigations, and finally to demand referrals to the World Court and the actual International Tribunal in The Hague. I believe that Satanism and pedophilia (really should be pedo-sadism-snuffing) are rampant among a segment of the elite including the older Royals in the UK and their life peers, and that people like Henry Kissinger and Dick Cheney as well as Barack Obama and John Brennan and Jim Clapper and so many others who have committed massive war crimes in our name, should be tried publicly, forgiven, and shunned for the rest of their natural lives — while also being barred from doing business with the US Government or receiving any taxpayer funds.  What we are really missing, and I consider the assassination of JFK and MLK by the US Government in conspiracy with other elements (Texas energy, New York money, Vatican, Zionist Israel, Cuban crime based in New Orleans) to be our natural starting point, is a “People's History of Crimes in Our Name.”

5. Marbury V. Madison. This is far beyond my competency but worthy of a national dialog and national ballot. I have issues with the corruption of all three branches of government and feel We the People have been very bad about not stepping in and crushing government when it has repeatedly gotten out of control and abused its power.  I love this quote from Norman Cousins' Pathology of Power:

Government is not built to perceive great truths; only people can perceive great truths. Governments specialize in small and intermediate truths. They have to be instructed by their people in great truths. And the particular truth in which they need instruction today is that new means for meeting the largest problems on earth have to be created.

On balance government as formed today is retarded and pathologically corrupt and inept. We need to radically alter everything about government and its relation to the people, reverting 70% of the power back down to the local level.

6. Right of people TO contract and right NOT to contract including with or excluding their government. Your rights end where your obligations begin. Communities provide external benefits and the free rider problem needs to be addressed.

7. People reserving their natural rights on any contract per UCC 1-308. I certainly support the right of every individual to be sovereign over their time and body, but there are rights and obligations in community, free riding is an issue, this is something each community and its members should settle on their own.

8. Carl Miller, expert constitutionalist, Vietnam Veteran, Project Blue Book. No idea on him, absolutely believe that there are at least four distinct extraterrestrial civilizations interacting with selected entities today, why they don't bypass the governments and go direct to the public I am not sure. John Glenn and other astronauts are on record as having seen artifacts on the moon that were advanced; many countries are starting to disclose their previously classified files, and John Podesta has full dislosure on his bucket list. See Also: UFO @ Phi Beta Iota

9. Who are people, men, human beings, citizens, civilians etc. according to our judicial system/legal system?  I don't really know.  What I do know is that our legal system is hosed and could probably do with a complete dismissal and a fresh start. Again, something for an empowered public to deal with, we cannot trust the politicians, here is my favorite quote from Matt Taibbi's Griftopia–Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America:

What has taken place over the last generation is a highly complicated merger of crime and policy, of stealing and government. Far from taking care of the rest of us, the financial leaders of America and their political servants have seemingly reached the cynical conclusion that our society is not work saving and have taken on a new mission that involved not creating wealth for us all, but simply absconding with whatever wealth remains in our hollowed out economy. They don’t feed us, we feed them.

10. Why is USC 18 SS 241 not enforced? For the same reason the FBI does not go after religious, financial, or ideological traitors serving in our government — we have allowed the government, acting on behalf of 42 billionaires and numerous foreign powers among which Israel and Saudi Arabia are perhaps the most pernicious, to treat us as chattel. We get the government we deserve.  Time to change that, with non-violent OpenPower ie. .electoral reform. For me the SWAT teams and the militarization of local police are a huge symbol of how out of control our government is.

11. Why is USC42 1985 not enforced? Same answer. And by the way, Martin Luther King was not assassinated for leading blacks on civil rights and poverty, he was assassinated for saying the USA is the greatest purveyor of violence on the planet.  See Review: Death of a King – The Real Story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Final Year and Review: An Act of State–The Execution of Martin Luther King, New and Updated Edition. Since JFK was assassinated (see my list of summary reviews, Steele Reviews on Assassination of JFK) and the public blindly accepted the lies of the Warren Commission, we have become a stupid inert public. The only good news is that according to Paul Ray, whom I skyped with just three days ago the Cultural Creatives now number 80 million — combine them with the (partially overlapping) 110 million at or near the poverty level, along with (also overlapping) Libertarians, Greens, Constitution, Working Families, and Independents, and we can have our government back. In my view the Libertarians need a vastly better candidate for President, one who understands the ideas at Open Power and at We the People Reform Coalition. A founder of the Tea Party whom I admire tells me Gary Johnson has lied to the Libertarians on multiple occasions, I have no direct knowledge, but I do feel the Libertarians have gone into auto-pilot because Ron and Rand Paul have persisted in being shadow Republicans instead of going all the way toward Liberty. See Also: Review: The Cultural Creatives–How 50 Million People Are Changing the World and Paul Ray @ Phi Beta Iota.

12. Why is Code 26 enforced upon the average American who does not run a business or have profit? The tax code is a highway toll system and the primary means by which Members of Congress extract payments from mega-businesses. In fairness to business, I have learned that it is Congress that blackmails big business, not big business that set out to bribe Congress. Any team I help elect will eliminate the IRS and eliminate all taxes starting with income taxes, in favor of cutting the government by two thirds over time (one half quickly) and implementing the Automated Payment Transaction Tax that gets most of its revenue from a fractional charge on currency and stock transactions not now taxed.

13. According to congressional records the 14th amendment was not lawfully adopted, and what do YOU think the 14th amendment means? I did not know there was a question of its validity. I think it overturns slavery and the three fifths rule and it absolutely under no circumstances gives any non-human entity human standing.  As long as we are on the subject, I do not believe in limited liability absolving corporations of their responsibility under public charters to communities and to employees, and I think we should repeal the 17th amendment (revert to states appointing Senators) while also changing the House so no representative sits for more than 100,000 citizens. At the same time we need to end baby tourism, illegal employment, and a host of other impositions on legitimate citizens.

14. How do you feel about putting in prison people who only harm themselves, in other words non violent or victimless crimes. It is wrong. The prison industry is a crime against humanity and should be closed down. NYC spends $75M a year putting black people in prison for recreational marijuana use, this is code for recreating the slave industry.  I also think our governments — both federal and state and local — are complicit in massive slave industries across the country, as well as pedophilia.  On the former see Review: Nobodies–Modern American Slave Labor and the Dark Side of the New Global Economy

15. Do you believe their are people in top positions within our government who are putting forth work on achieving the manifesto for communism? No. I think we have a fascist plutocracy right now, and Libertarians are not fully understanding the contradiction between the Koch Brothers wanting to own everything, and the individual liberty and rights to property of the “poor” individual.

16. Jury Nullification, thoughts? Absolutely. But first we need to fire, by any means necessary, any judge that does not respect the constitutional rights associated with jury trials

17. Do you believe that the W4 is a forced contract and do you support the right of a person to privately contract with an employer, keeping the federal government and IRS out of man's personal business? Short answer is that I believe in respecting the law, and that our focus should be on restoring integrity to our government, ending all taxes less the transaction tax, and eradicating the IRS. Electoral reform is the center of gravity, all other issues are secondary. Electoral reform is the only fight we can win together. I do believe in community currency, barter, public banking, the elimination of the criminally insane Federal Reserve which is neither Federal nor a Reserve.

18. Do you believe that men have the right to be a citizen of the state they live in instead of the United States of America? Short answer is that their state has the right to leave the United STATES of America at any time, and I support both state nullification of federal laws and regulations (as well as an end to federal ownership of land and property), and the right of each state to secede, as Hawaii, Vermont, and a good portion of Alaska wish to do. In that context, a citizen must respect whatever legitimate authorities their state has embraced, including federal authorities. You might find this list of book reviews interesting: Worth a Look: Book Reviews on Self-Determination & Secession.

19. What are you thoughts on the Constitution? Is it flawed, if so can you explain how? Is it in effect today, why is it not enforced? What a wonderful question. I would love to have a Constitutional Convention and see what the public does with that. The times they have a'changed, but we have been screwed by successive governments that have allowed the gutting of our education system, so I worry than many of us have fallen prey to Satanic influences including the Koch Brothers, who earn $3 million a HOUR on their illicit digital wealth rooted in a corrupt banking system and absentee landlordism (again — that conundrum for Libertarians — the Kochs would have you believe that getting the government off THEIR backs in good for you, never mind that you don't get to own anything). This is my favorite book on the relationship among people, their government, and education (Will Durant's 1916 PhD thesis): Review: Philosophy and the Social Problem–The Annotated Edition.

20. Any opinion on Rothschild, Warburg, Goldman Sachs, etc. and entanglements with the government and is this a good or bad thing? See Matt Taibbi quote at #9. Now here is the important part: the elites are breaking ranks. Lady Lynn Rothschild (actually born in New Jersey, a babe who married) has sponsored a conference on Inclusive Capitalism, there are a number of “Black Sheep Billionaires” talking about Redemptive Capitalism as well as Conscious Capitalism and the need to restore integrity to the government. Separately I give Peter Peterson, Peter Ackerman, and Michael Bloomberg high marks for their mix of Running on Empty, Americans Elect — great idea badly executed — and — and Warren Buffet and Ross Perot. The smartest among the super rich have started to understand that achieving a 100% corrupt government is destroying the public that lays the golden eggs, and the 42 billionaires that “own” Congress are bad apples that need to be neutralized. Votes for my review (Running on Empty) would be appreciated — am trying to get Peterson and Ackerman to pay attention to my ideas on Open Power / Electoral Reform.

21. Why won't the CIA release the 28 pages missing from the 911 commission report? For two reasons. First, because they make clear that Saudi Arabia was the primary financial and organizational force behind the original concept for 9/11; and second, because reading between the lines it will also make clear that Dick Cheney took over the plan three months in advance and made it happen to his specifications in order to justify his neo-conservative Zionist plans for invading multiple countries from Afghanistan to Yemen. Here are just three references: Mini-Me: 9/11 Convergence + NEW Information + Comment by Robert Steele + List of Advance Warnings from Over 13 Countries; Review: VICE–Dick Cheney and the Hijacking of the American Presidency; and General Wesley Clark: The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years.

22. What is your opinion of the Department of Homeland Security, do we really need yet another ENFORCEMENT agency? DHS is an employment scam (hiring people with no hope of employment elsewhere) as well as spending scam (massive outlays to companies that kick back 5% to varied Members). Any team I help lead into power will eliminate it while continuing to pay the employees for a year while they are retrained into green and other worthwhile jobs.

23. Is the war on terror an impossible win and do you think the war on terror is just an excuse for the government to entangle americans in a perpetual war that can not ever be won? I was thrown off Fox News for saying in the early days that the war on terror was a scam. I was one of the first CIA case officers ever assigned terrorism as a full-time target (in the 1980's). Our government, acting in our name and at our expense, is the real terrorist. We have no business being engaged in military operations across 123 countries, we have no business using NATO to start wars and sell US arms. Any team I help put into power will a) close all US bases overseas within two years; b) redirect all military assistance toward waging peace while eliminating all US taxpayer subsidies for any of the 42 dictators our government loves; and c) create a home-based military with a 450 ship Navy, a long-haul Air Force and an air-mobile Army while cutting the Department of Defense budget in half. I have been a champion of an Open Source Agency for a long time, in part because our government lacks intelligence (decision-support) with integrity. ISIS is not a threat — it was created by Saudi Arabia and is trained by Israel and the CIA and its sole purpose is to draw the US into another ground war to help mobilize radical Islam in its continued invasion of Europe and eventual subversion of the USA.  Here are just a few references: Berto Jongman: Genocide of Christians by Islamists — Beheading by Islam vs. Barefooting by West; 450 Ship Navy @ Phi Beta Iota; Robert Steele: Open Letter to the President — We Lack Intelligence with Integrity — Please Fire Clapper, Vickers, & Brennan; Review: Breaking the Real Axis of Evil–How to Oust the World’s Last Dictators by 2025.

24. Have you heard of or are you familiar with the Bohemian grove and who the heck are these people, do you know what their agenda is and (out of my own curiosity) what the heck is the owls significance? The Bohemian Grove has been vilified as a secret society, I know at least one member personally — a person of very high integrity — and therefore I would say that every society has its private benefits and its abusers. The Bohemian Grove is a step up from the Council on Foreign Relations, a sidestep from the Knights of Malta who are above Opus Dei, and so on. Secret societies have as much power as open societies allow them to have. We have abdicated our responsibilities as citizens and therefore (see Taibbi quote at #9) secret societies have free reign (pun intended) in the USA.

25. Is the United States a corporation and if so what does this mean to the average American and does it have anything to do with the Federal Reserve Bank and the IRS? I've seen references to this, I generally don't believe it BUT I do believe that there are some very dark secret corners of the US Government including the off budget secret holdings of the Department of the Treasury that started with the Black Lily Fund, the off-budget offshore holdings of NSA that I would abolish as soon as possible; and the very very strange relationship between the Queen, her special circle, and US special circles immersed in drug running, money laundering, arms smuggling, and child prostitution and abuse. Just three references: Review: Gold Warriors–America’s Secret Recovery of Yamashita’s Gold; Review: DOPE, Inc. Britain’s Opium War Against the World (and Lydon LaRouche’s War Against Henry Kissinger); Deep State @ Phi Beta Iota.

26. Is America currently in Martial Law, are you familiar with the Lieber Code, 1863 and if so what do you think about it? Virtually yes. There are no limits on the abuses that federal, state, and local authorities can apply. The good news is that Oath Keepers seems to be working and more good cops support the public than there are bad cops. The bad news is that random fatal ambushes against isolated cops are going to skyrocket this summer, especially in the larger cities. I continue to believe Boston was a false flag and a DHS drill to see if they could lock down an entire city. We need to demilitarize the police and get back to community-oriented policing.

27. Was there a treaty signed ending the Civil War and does it matter? Don't know. Civil War (actually the War of Secession, South was not trying to take over the North) was not about freeing slaves — Lincoln did so only in the South and with great reservations. The Civil War was about the North taking over the South so it could loot it for the 12 years of Reconstruction, and the Civil War was about banks lending to both sides to profit — just as banks, including US banks, lent money to Hitler and the Nazis to make WWII the best deal any banker ever met.

28. Senate Document 43, 1933, The State Owns Everything, National Archives and Records Administration, certified copy, what does this mean to Americans? No idea. We have the power to abolish this government and reconstitute an honest government using only legal ethical non-violent means, from where I sit, it is We the People that are being stupid and lazy right now.  Open Power / Electoral Reform. This is not rocket science.

29. Are all contracts payable in gold and if so why are we using Federal Reserve Notes? Can someone sue Americans for Federal Reserve Notes instead of gold, to collect on a debt? We went off the gold standard when we ran out of gold because we allowed the private banks to sell it off for their own profit.  This is not an area where I know anything, contracts are for whatever you agree them to be. I personally favor a debt jubilee, an end to private banks, community-based banking that restores all land and property to members of the community, and so on.  All stuff to be determined by a new government that is Of, By, and For We the People. Again, my opinions are irrelevant — what matters is that we all come together to execute Electoral Reform and THEN we face off in a transparent truthful democracy.

30. Do you believe that all county Sheriffs should be CONSTITUTIONAL Sheriffs and can people in a town elect a temporary Sheriff to perform the functions of a common law court? In general yes.  All local communities should have a right to settle matters in their own way by their own consensual standards.

31. Do you believe that all persons are enemies of the United States, if not then what is “The United States Makes All Persons An Enemy, 48 Stat 1, March 9, 1933, Title I(b), Sec 2. Sub. (b)(b)” ? No idea, but the ways the US Government is behaving we are all “enemies of the state.” Certainly the US Government claims the right to assassinate any of us without due process, and there is at least one “black site” prison in Chicago presided over by ubber-Zionist Rahm Emanuel.

32. Is Title 18 Unlawful? Short answer is that until there is a revolution and the public instals an honest government able to revise and in many cases abolish laws established by prior dishonest government, no, Title 18 is not unlawful nor are any other US laws.  We are obliged to obey the law until we change the law, to change the law we must change the government.

33. Does the Queen control the Social Security? (Statutory Instrument 1997, Crown Copyright 1997) . “This Order may be cited as the Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997 and shall come into force on 1st September 1997.” I doubt it but what we do know is that corrupt Congress has gutted Social Security to the point that official Society Security notices are saying that by 2030 only a fraction of the promised payments will be made.

34. Does the Vatican claim to own everything, Papal Decree 1213 and if so what is the process for reversing this?  There are two kinds of religions — those that are dogmatic and protect a hierarchy of generally very peverted individuals; and those that focus on individual practice, such as Buddism and the Adventists. There was a point in time when the Church thought that anyone not speaking Spanish was a heretic subject to slavery. All of this stuff is quasi-insane. The Church, like the CIA and any other institution, has multiple layers and multiple cabals. It is incumbent on us to demand an FBI capable of rooting out religious subversion and perversion.

35. Are you familiar with The National Lawyers Guild, The Legal Bulwark of the Communisty Part House Report 3123, 1950, Union Calendar No. 1078, 81st Congress, 2d Session, House Report 3123, September 17, 1950, and what do you think about this report?  Not familiar, I am really focused on non-violent Electoral Reform in 2015 and want everyone else to be this focused as well.

36. Have you read the Grace Commission Report and do you plan on ensuring that all Americans know that the income tax is not spent on services for Americans. I have not read it but I am familiar with it. There are multiple treasonous aspects to the US Government today. The fact that they have been borrowing a trillion dollars a year since Ronald Reagan was chief puppet is one crime. The fact that they give away half the federal budget in subsidies to dictators and favored corporations and non-profits whose sole purpose is to influence votes is another crime. The fact that between 45% and 75% of any given federal agency is documented waste is the third crime.  All three crimes are rooted in the combination of an intelligence community (this includes counterintelligence) totally lacking in integrity; and a public totally lacking in civic commitment. We can end taxes less the APT tax (which radically reduces what it costs any given citizen to fund common services), we can end waste, we just need an honest government.

37. What are your thoughts on the Kissinger Report, NSSM 200 specifically concerning population growth and actions to stop growth. Kissinger is a very evil man, below are my three favorite quotes from this man. Henry Kissinger: Intelligence as Useless as a Booger — and Less Tasty; Henry Kissinger: Military men are ‘dumb, stupid animals to be used’ as pawns for foreign policy; Henry Kissinger: “The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer.”His concept of “real politic” is based on the idea that one should acquire and use power without regard to ethics or any respect for the Earth or other civilizations. He is very much a Nazi mentality, scorched earth, anything goes. Sadly, as James Risen has recently documented in his book Pay Any Price: Greed, Power, and Endless War, that is the mentality that our quasi-fascist government embraces today. I believe that the US Government and the various foundations including the Ford, Rockefeller, and Gates Foundations, have funded eugenics programs including vaccination programs that sterilize women, and I believe that a great deal of the poverty and illness in the world is deliberate — our elites want these billions to suffer and die. On the other hand, population policies are important, and one of the reasons we are suffering so much in the USA today is that our government lost its integrity some time ago, refused to plan for the future.  Here is my review of another book on the very same document: Review: The Life and Death of NSSM 200 –How the Destruction of Political Will Doomed a U.S. Population Policy. The assimilation, training, and health of every element of the population matters.

38. Do banks really make loans and are they operating illegally? Banks abuse fractional banking by creating money from nothing and charging interest they do not actually earn.  This is legal. See Taibbi at #9.

39. What is money? See Money versus Currency.

40. Is money the same as currency? See Money versus Currency.

41. Does the American government have a lien against it's own people? No but it owns land that it should not own, it demands taxes it does not have a right to, and it takes actions — including the borrowing of money in our name — that are unconstitutional and should be stopped.

42. Am I required to have a license to drive? Yes as long as you are on public highways. Note that farm vehicles do not require tags or licenses.

43. Can the state or federal government bring up charges against a man if there is no victim and the government can not be a victim? Yes, under the present government. An honest government responsive to We the People would not be allowed to do this and jury nullification would quickly expunge inappropriate laws and related charges.

44. When did the government start giving marriage licenses and why? Do you believe men and women should go back to private contract for marriage rather than a state run marriage/divorce system?  Good question, I don't know the answer. I like the separation of church and state, I believe churches should do the marrying and the state should do the licensing, the latter being a financial contract while the former is a spiritual contract.

45. If married couples have a dispute in their contract what court, if any, will they go to? Ask a local lawyer.

46. What is your honest opinion of the attacks on the twin towers in New York and do you believe or have any knowledge of any government official having any active part in killing of Americans or the attack or do you believe any government official had anything to gain from the attacks and if so what? I consider Families of 9/11 and Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth to be trustworthy authorities. The US Government report was a pile of crap. Mini-Me: 9/11 Convergence + NEW Information + Comment by Robert Steele + List of Advance Warnings from Over 13 Countries is a reflection of what I accept as the current state of knowledge. Dick Cheney, Rudy Guliani, Donald Rumsfeld, and Larry Silverstein are all indictable and should be properly investigated. 9/11 was a pretext for war, an atrocity committed by elements of the US Government against an international public, a Wall Street exercise eliminating all SEC investigations then on-going while clearing billions in “unvetted” trades, it took the missing 2.3 trillion from Defense off the table, etcetera. In my view, what Dick Cheney did to America on 9/.11 is the moral equivalent of what the Nazis did to the Jews in the Holocaust. I hope he is held accountable before he dies.

47. How do you feel about GMO foods and the FDA not requiring the labeling of products with GMO ingredients. GMO foods make test animals sterile by the third generation. They are a crime against humanity and only a criminal government would allow such atrocities to persist.

48. Have you seen The Oiling of America: How the Vegetable Oil Industry Demonized Nutritious Animal Fats and Destroyed the American Food Supply and what do you think about it generally? I have not but I agree with it completely.  I am about to watch Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, sent to me by a donor. I am 63, my parents are 85, I plan to live another 20-25 years and going vegan is part of the plan. Animal husbandry as well as corn-based everything are bad for us.  We need to return to localized agriculture, and I particularly favor hydroponics as a means of eliminating pesticides. I would like to put Monsanto as well as Coca Cola and Nestle out of business through a mix of public education, true cost pricing on all they take, and aggressive trespassing penalties against Monsanto until we can make GMO illegal.

49. Are you ready to promote candidates who will be brutally honest with the public and willing to change the current system to restore freedom to America in all ways for all times? I am such a candidate and I would welcome an invitation to run for the Libertarian Party nomination. Yes, provided they set aside their ideological blinders and support Electoral Reform first — the ONE THING that we can all come together on to restore We the People as sovereign. Here is one Constitution Party candidate I find interesting: Review: Guerrilla Politician: The #1 Guide in America for 3rd Party Candidates

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