IVN Steele on Electoral Reform Part 13: Overview of the Ethics

Robert David STEELE Vivas
Robert David STEELE Vivas

Steele on Electoral Reform — Part 13: Overview of the Ethics

Independent Voter Network, 13 April 2012

One of the most heartening aspects of my connecting electoral reform to Occupy and then via YouTube to the Reddit community, has been opportunity to meet pioneers who have been dedicated to this matter much longer than I have, and who have made contributions of such depth and persistence as to merit our huge appreciation.

Eva Waskell is one of those pioneers.  She has, with others, been focused on the integrity of elections for over a decade.

The International Election Integrity Principles are outlined in both full-text and two-page document form with a memorable short URL of http://tinyurl.com/ER-Integrity.

Today we are seeing very significant electoral fraud within the Republican primaries, as the Republican mandarins try desperately to hold back the Ron Paul Tsunami and keep the prospects for a deliberately dead-locked convention alive.  I speculate that Jeb Bush will be the “surprise” nominee, and that Ron Paul will die in a traffic or general aviation accident at some point if he begins to call them out on the fraud (he has not, yet).

Here are the eleven Election Integrity Principles, each with its own paragraph of explanation in the document:

01  Transparency
02  Chain of Custody
03  Observer Access
04  Checks & Balances
05  Enforcement of Election Laws
06  Right to a Paper Ballot / No Secret Software
07  Right to Poll and Protection of Poll Workers
08  Right to Photograph and Videotape
09  Right to Full Education & Full Disclosure
10  Right to Full Disclosure of Assumptions Underlying any Calculations or Numbers
11  Right to Review Raw Data at Point of Origin

The eleven elements of Electoral Reform are a completely distinct set of requirements, and will be addressed in the remaining contributions in this series.

To learn more about Eva Waskell, see these two references.

Robert Steele: In Praise of Eva Waskell & New Book by Gordon Cook, “The Privatization of Democracy”

Reference: The Privatization [Corruption] of Democracy – Honoring & Documenting the Work of Eva Waskell

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