Michael Kearns: TruthOut on Time to Talk About the Next System

Michael S. Kearns
Michael S. Kearns

It's Time to Talk About the Next System

Cecilia Gingerich, TruthOut, 31 March 2015


It follows that for a systemic crisis, relief will come only through systemic solutions. This means structural changes to the political and economic systems, and a radical shift in social and cultural norms. Of course, accomplishing this will be no small task and will not look anything like the short-term, financialized growth of the 1990s. The necessary solutions will be distinct from those offered in the past and will require a significant amount of creativity and cooperation. These systemic solutions are the focus of a new project titled the Next System Project.

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Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: This is an inspiring article and I agree with many of its premises. However, I take issue with the persistent blindness of the progressive press to the FACT that there is no difference between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party — as the sub-title title of my recent and very inexpensive book reads: One Bird, Two Wings, Same Crap. These two parties continue to block electoral reform and shut 50% of the voters and their candidates out of the electoral system, with the result being that our so-called representatives are elected (most via gerrymandering and ballot fraud as well as corporate money) by at best 30% of the eligible voters. Until TruthOut gets serious about #ElectoralReform (for the eight point plan that emerged from Occupy in 2011 and was refined by We the People Reform Coalition (http://bigbatusa.org) and is now being presented to Independents and small parties, please see http://tinyurl.com/OpenPower.

I cannot stress this enough: no issue — cliimate change or any other — will get a fair or intelligent hearing from the US Government unless we first achieve #ElectoralReform. That is the ONE THING we can all come together on — Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Other — and it is the ONE THING we can win to achieve a non-violent revolution and restore integrity to our government, economy, and society.

It troubles me that no one in the progressive press seems interested in that proposition.

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