James Mattis: US Suffers from Strategic Atrophy

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General James Mattis, USMC
General James Mattis, USMC

Mattis: U.S. Suffering ‘Strategic Atrophy’


USNI News, 14 May 2014

Speaking in Washington, D.C., retired Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis said, “the perception is we’re pulling back” on America’s commitment to its allies and partners, leaving them adrift in a changing world. “We have strategic atrophy.”

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Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: This is a well-intentioned recycling of the established concept of strategic decrepitude, but it avoids the fundamentals. The US Government lacks intelligence (decision-support) and integrity (commitment to the US Constitution and the public interest). Absent electoral reform (http://tinyurl.com/OpenPower) there is ZERO chance that the two-party tyranny will change its spots — no single issue from a strong military (30% budget cut, close all bases, create a 450-ship Navy, long haul Air Force, air-mobile Army) to climate change to legalizing marijuana and ending fracking and creating water desalination plants with solar energy — will get an honest hearing. Whole of Government strategy, policy, acquisition, and operations does not exist in the USA. ethical evidence-based decision support to strategy, policy, acquisition, and operations does not exist in the USA. As Europe now understands, foreign policy should be about assuring prosperity everywhere else so the illegal immigrants stay home — foreign policy should not be about selling arms and starting elective wars. We don’t lack for solutions. We lack for an honest government.

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