Berto Jongman: Was John Kerry Shot in France? UPDATE 8 AP Kerry Alive With Photo

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

The first story has been replayed by Georgi Stankov at the second link.

US Secretary Of State Kerry Reported “Gravely Wounded” After French Gun Battle

Georgi Stankov & Boyd Kraigher: Another Massive ID Shift on May 31, 2015

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UPDATE 8: AP Provides Photo of Kerry Alive

Secretary of State John Kerry speaks to media as he is discharged from Massachusetts General Hospital Friday, June 12, 2015, in Boston. Kerry was released from the hospital after undergoing surgery on a broken leg sustained in a May 31 bicycle accident in France. (Elise Amendola / Associated Press)

Phi Beta Iota: We're glad he's alive. Badly handled across the board — the arrogance (or ineptitude, or both) of the US Government on this matter for the past two weeks has been beneath contempt.

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UPDATE 7: Twitter Photo — No Human Witnesses

Phi Beta Iota: Femurs used to require casts, these days they are often treated with internal surgury and pins and such, so we will give him a bye on the absence of cast. The photo looks wintery, not a June photo at all, while it could be a stock photo from a past stay, we'll give them a bye on that one as well. Could it be a wax mummy with the embolism to be announced (Fridays are always good)? Normal people get discharged 3-5 days after a hip replacement. So the question remains: was he shot and they managed to save him? About one thing there is no doubt: USG handling of public information has been pathetic.


UPDATE 6: John Kerry Has Been “Disppeared”

” A reader from Boston informs us: “I'm living in Boston, and go past Boston Medical Hospital every day. Haven't seen any diplomatic security around, except on Boylston St.”

Phi Beta Iota: Is John Kerry home in bed? Is he breathing? Inquiring minds have questions. At what point do even the most challenged among the media and within the public begin to ask questions about this long silence?


UPDATE 5: Obama Sidelines Kerry On Ukraine Policy

Phi Beta Iota: The comments are a hoot. Our speculative take: “Kerry resigns, moves home to convalesce (lie in state), no photos permitted. Will be buried at sea next to the fake Bin Laden.” We have no idea — but it is worth noting that the USG never has a single foreign policy, more like seven, all competing against each other. If Kerry is not dead, he might as well be.


UPDATE 4: Kerry 1 June death announcement claimed to be a hoax. Dutch psychic has this to say:

He had the same feelings as the woman [psychic in USA] that the situation is much worse than officially declared. He mentioned problems with blood circulation and heart failure. He said that they will do everything to same his life but that it is already too late. He also said what you said that his death will be pronounced soon.

“John Kerry dead 2015” : U.S. Secretary of State killed by internet death hoax

Phi Beta Iota: We are adding the original reassuring second-hand story that offers no evidence John Kerry is actually alive. Public Relations 101 would call for at least a quick clip of Kerry sitting up in bed and praising his doctors. Given Kerry's status at the ranking Cabinet officer after the President and Vice President, the absence of proof of life strikes us as ominous.

Doc: John Kerry could be on quick road to recovery

UPDATE 3: No signs of life from John Kerry.  We cannot find a single photo — or testimony from anyone that has seen John Kerry face to face.  Will he die in the hospital from an alleged heart attack? Benjamin Fulford questions the cover story, one psychic pops up with some interesting impressions. The Western cabal could be on the verge of imploding, with war crime trials and massive crack-downs on Vanguard Group elements. BRICS probably have a 100% alternative to Western banking ready to roll out across the Southern Hemisphere.

Benjamin Fulford – June 1, 2015: Will the revolution finally come this autumn?

The other interesting incident was the fact the US Secretary of State John Kerry “broke his leg in a bicycle accident,” and had to call off his negotiations with Iran. We have not been able to confirm this yet but, past experience makes us believe Kerry was deliberately assaulted by fellow gangsters who were angry about his Iranian deal making.

PSYCHIC: John Kerry (Shot or Bike Accident??)


UPDATE 2: Was Kerry set up by Zionists controlling State Department Middle East desks?

UPDATE 2: Assuming this is true, one wonders why Kerry was allowed to be placed in such precarious close proximity to a known ISIS (proxy Zionist agent?) operative. The answer may be it was a set-up, deliberately planned by Zionist-sayanim infiltrators, Israeli sympathizers and influencers in the State Department who have close connections with Israel, which would be biggest beneficiary from the death of Kerry, as such an outcome will likely derail the Iran nuclear talks.

Phi Beta Iota: Zionists have long controlled the Arab as well as the Israeli desks at the Department of State. The FBI (and NSA) are not allowed to do their counterintelligence jobs against these obvious traitors.


UPDATE 1: Near death? Secret Obama visit?

Phi Beta Iota: We have no direct knowledge. Rolling out the largest medical aircraft in the US inventory is either a proper response to a life-threatening and complex set of wounds for the top Cabinet official, or a classic  display of irresponsible waste. The failure to offer photographs today and the absence of photos from the alleged biking accident scene, beg explanation.


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Phi Beta Iota: Interesting threads are being tied together — including the sudden death of Biden's son (the other son is taking a lucrative position in relation to fascist Ukraine). Kerry's evacuation by military airlift suggests something significantly more serious than a broken or fractured bone — his normal dedicated airplane would easily suffice for a temporary leg and hip cast and as much medication as he might need. The absence of photos of him falling and fallen — a bike ride would normally be a photo opportunity with hoards of media — is also telling. The possibility of the Western cabal breaking ranks is one we have considered before. We have no direct knowledge but we would certainly assert that the US will lose a war with Russia and China, collapsing internally at the same time that its carriers are ignominiously sunk by Chinese submarines that have demonstated time and again they can achieve a firing solution on the ass of a carrier surrounded by a carrier battle group. Add to that the alternative diplomatic, commercial, and informational assets that China and Russia (and Brazil, India, and South Africa, among others) have been developing toward this day. We also speculate that because US counterintelligence and human intelligence are virtually non-existent, that the number of unconventional options for wreaking havoc domestically are breathtakingly diverse….dams collapsing to include one flooding a nuclear facility, a contaminated water supply in a major city, four highly pathogenic herd infections, electrical grids going down, banking data being vaporized by electro-magnetic pulse attacks….it is not smart to throw stones when you live in a glass house.

OWL: First thing I thought when I read this last night is either a) an Israeli hit, probably using proxies, to sabotage Iran talks but failed or b) a little warning from Bibi to Kerry and US government to back away from Iran talks. Remember that Israeli security services and French national security elements are very tight, that is what made the Paris 12 event so do-able. You would think US counterintelligence was up to the talk of protecting Kerry from our own allies, but evidently not….if indeed he was shot. If Obama/Kerry do back away from Iran talks somehow, it will be 100% certain my theory is correct one. Given his record in Vietnam war as a soldier, I don't think Kerry could be intimidated, but living a cushy life as US top ambassador to the world and being a husband of a multi-millionaire wife may have changed him.

Phi Beta Iota: “Shiksas don't count.” Zionist Israel will do anything — any atrocity, anywhere — against US interests. Remember the USS Cole. Remember Rabin's participation in the JFK Assassination. Neither Israel nor Saudi Arabia are trust-worthy allies, and in the absense of effective US intelligence and counter-intelligence in relation to those two powers and their subversive activities within the USA, we must be concerned for the integrity of our government.

ADDENDUM: We normally add that it is known that Sorcha Faal (David Booth) is a known fabricator based in the Washington DC area, this was overlooked by the duty editor last night. We hold Berto Jongman in the very highest regard, and agree with his judgment that Faal and Stankov merit following. It is perfectly possible that Kerry really did break a leg — at a meta level, this story is about the French not being trust-worthy and about the US Government having lost credibility with at least 60% if nor more of its own public. We continue to feel, very strongly, that America the Beautiful, the Republic, the Constitution, and the US Government, are all worth fighting for, worth saving. We continue to believe that the US Government — tens of millions of good people trapped in a bad system — desperately needs to restore transparency, truth, & trust by embracing holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering — intelligence with integrity.

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