Jack Devine: On Ethics & Intelligence at Carnegie


ROBERT STEELE: Jack Devine was my boss during some of my most productive years at CIA; he is a classical Cold War professional, and while we disagree on many things, including the value of covert action, I would never doubt his capacity  to manage complex organizations and people, and to be true to his mission and loyal to the chain of command, to get things done.

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Selected Steele Pieces on Intelligence Reform

As a general statement, the US Intelligence Community consists of millions of good people trapped in bad systems. It has lost its way, focusing on inputs (money, collection) instead of outputs (analysis, decision-support). There are some encouraging reforms underway — the National Geospatial Agency (NGA) stands out — but on balance, the entire system needs a complete make-over. Among my personal priorities for the US Intelligence Community — if I were ever to have any say about it — would be the creation of a ruthless counterintelligence executive capable of scrubbing our system of religious, financial, and ideological traitors; the creation of a proper clandestine human intelligence service that is both completely non-official cover in foundation, and also multinational; the creation of an open source agency; and the creation of a national processing and analysis capability that is able to exploit 100% of all information in all languages and all mediums all of the time. Somewhere in there we stop assassinating and torturing people, attempting regime change, and supporting dictators who are the root cause of illegal immigration into Europe and the USA.

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