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JZ Liszkiewicz
JZ Liszkiewicz

One perspective is that the more energy and trust we direct at a system that doesn't deserve our energy and trust, the more lost opportunities accumulate (what could have been). People will counter this broken system, but I don't think it's going to be led by those within the political structure/re-structuring, or even be overtly deliberate.

A simple example is NYC. This Uber video was sent to me yesterday by a taxi driver that I know who lives in Queens

It's a bottom-up type counter to the NYC mayor/political structure, and it's “local,” but in a huge way because it's NYC. It started out as a simple business idea, not a confrontation to the political system. Yes, other taxi-drivers (citizens) lose business, but it's the citizens who have put faith into the dominant taxi-owner hierarchy who lose biz.

I've been shifting gears towards ideas combining redefining education/self-education with business. I've also been abstractly thinking
in terms of “strata.”

(Part of a long-term vision)

There needs to be a circulation of ideas related to massive redefining of “education” (“de-schooling”) to dismantle the trust in a debt-inducing “higher education” system and a debt-inducing political system. There needs to be massive encouragement to network towards starting new businesses infused with integrity (and much more) to gradually inch our way into a paridigm shift.

The more people who create their own stability for themselves and their families through their own efforts and not from a corporatized lying nanny state, the more likely they can eventually direct that empowerment into the political arena. The more empowered people who have power over money, the more they/we will have more confidence, resources, time and an open-ness to consider helping reconfigure portions of local life and gradually inch towards reconfiguring state-wide, national and global.

Globally, if there is an increase in local empowerment, there will eventually be global empowerment. If more people see that there is local
empowerment, they will want it. That has more potential to be networked. Networking empowered people with vision and confidence I think would be more effective than massive amounts of angry poor people whose vision has been aggregated from a lack of time, resources, energy and an exposure to poor and defragmented information.

(In Theory)

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