SchwartzReport: Chinese Zero-Emission Electric Bus in London

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

This report of course has received no attention from U.S. corporate media, but I take it as a big datapoint on what is going to become a major trend: the electrification of commercial vehicles of all kinds. As the article points out most of the long term cost of a commercial bus is in the fuel it burns. So electric buses, which don't burn carbon energy, will be notably cheaper. What should also be noted is that the technology is Chinese. The Chinese like most of the rest of the world except the U.S., take infrastructure seriously, including commercial transportation networks from planes to trains to buses.  While we are burning our money in the bonfire of war, China is building and upgrading infrastructure.  And they are going to make billions and billions of dollars outfitting the buses and taxis of the post-carbon world, while the U.S. plays catch-up. The problem America's mega corporations have is that they are inherently wedded to the past, because the past is when their installed network was built, and they want to protect and prolong that investment.

Chinese-built zero-emissions electric bus prepares for service in London

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