IVN: Bernie Sanders Loves the Two-Party Tyranny, Refuses to Embrace Non-Partisan Electoral Reform


ivn smallWhy Won’t Bernie Sanders Embrace Nonpartisan Election Reform?

On Thursday, Open Primaries President and CEO John Opdycke and Dr. Jessie Fields, a founding member of the Independent Party in New York City and Open Primaries board member, co-authored an op-ed in Newsweek titled, “Bernie Sanders Should Embrace Political Reform.”  . . .   When it comes to democracy reform, independents across the country are asking him, “Why are you protecting the establishment?”

Read Newsweek OpEd.

Phi Beta Iota: This is all very straight-forward. Bernie Sanders cut a deal with the Democrats years ago in order to protect his seat in Vermont, and has been masquarading as an Independent ever since. Bernie Sanders believes in the two-party tyranny that protects his sinecure. He does not believe in government Of, By, or For We the People.

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