JZ Liszkiewicz: WIll Marijuana Fuel Open Source Democracy?

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JZ Liszkiewicz
JZ Liszkiewicz

Earlier this year, Apple pulled a cannabis app without warning, then this happened:

Apple wasn’t appeased until nearly 10,000 MassRoots users emailed the tech giant to get their app back.

(Massroots is a mobile app/community).
The cannabis sub-culture has always been related to a struggle with law and politics. It seems to me that the near-future possibilities of
mobilizing more cannabis-users and cannabis business-owners into the arenas of law & politics will be easier, therefore, will rise. As more
states adopt new laws for cannabis, this could have an amplifying affect on people’s involvement with other issues dealing with prisons, elections, food transparency, education, true cost economics, etc.

This recent article mentions 11 states now preparing to possibly legalize cannabis.