Yoda: Alert Reader on China, Engineer Leaders, Human Capital

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Alert Reader, reacting to Robert Steele’s recent video on going to China, writes in:

I recently watched your interview with Stephen Arnold on China. I have some comments.

1) Deng Xiaoping was an important leader of China for a number of reasons, but the increasing role of people with an engineering background in upper leadership started with him. Xi Jinping has an engineering background:

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Election 2020: Week to 19 Jan 2020

Cultural Intelligence

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Praise Be to God!

Big Picture.  Democrats in disarray. Brokered convention seems likely.  Impeachment will be a hoot.  Virginia is being stage-managed on both sides, it should ultimately lead  to the end of Democratic governors and Democratically-controlled state legislatures.  The over-reach of the  Virginia Governor on confiscating weapons in violation of the 2nd Amendment is a gift to the Trump revolution.


Chuck Baldwin: Is Trump At Risk Over Guns in Virginia?

Cultural Intelligence

Lexington And Concord Redux In Virginia

As we speak, the State of Virginia is attempting to pass laws that would forcefully confiscate the arms of the people of that sovereign State: specifically, semi-automatic rifles AND pistols.

Speaking of Donald Trump, has anyone noticed that this president who keeps telling us how much he supports the Second Amendment has thus far said absolutely NOTHING in defense of the brave men and women of Virginia who are RIGHT NOW fighting for the right of every American to keep and bear arms? Not a peep! Not a tweet!

Read full article — this does NOT bode well for Donald Trump.

Tom Atlee: Rosa Zubizarreta on Dynamic Facilitation

Collective Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence
Tom Atlee

The secrets behind Dynamic Facilitation’s special power

I want to share with you Rosa Zubizarreta’s remarkable insights into how a very powerful process work its magic. That process is Dynamic Facilitation and Rosa reveals its elegant recipe for transforming intense group conflict into creative group breakthroughs. If a fire-eater ate fire and then pull flowers and doves out of his mouth, we’d call it magic.  DF often looks like that.  So what’s the secret?

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Anthony Judge: Satellite Constellation and Crown Chakra as Complementary Global Metaphors? Experimental representation of crown chakra in virtual reality

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence
Anthony Judge

Satellite Constellation and Crown Chakra as Complementary Global Metaphors?

Experimental representation of crown chakra in virtual reality

Linked Table of Contents Below the Fold

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Berto Jongman: Nick Bostrom on The Singularity

Cultural Intelligence

The “singleton hypothesis” predicts the future of humanity

  • Nick Bostrom’s “singleton hypothesis” says that intelligent life on Earth will eventually form a “singleton”.
  • The “singleton” could be a single government or an artificial intelligence that runs everything.
  • Whether the singleton will be positive or negative depends on numerous factors and is not certain.

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Zero Hedge: The US Empire Self-Destructing?

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

An Empire Self-Destructs

Authored by Jeff Thomas via InternationalMan.com,

…empires tend to end through the gradual elimination of the free-market system, the metamorphosis to a welfare state, and, finally, through the destruction of wealth through costly warfare…

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Wayne Jett: Trump on Offense in 2020

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#MAGA vs The 1901 Plan

Despite historically important achievements economic growth, job creation, reduced unemployment, prison reform, reduced illegal immigration and notable return to policies of nationalism rather than globalism, President Donald Trump has spent much of his first three years in office defending himself against astonishingly unsupported investigations and an attempted impeachment without an identifiable crime. By contrast, 2020 is more likely to become a year during which Trump’s detractors will play defense in attempts to avoid punishment for real crimes committed both currently and during previous administrations.

See Also:

Wayne Jett @ Phi Beta Iota

Paul Craig Roberts: American Leadership Discredited — Will a New Leader Step Forward?

Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Paul Craig Roberts

American Leadership Is Discredited — Will a New Leader Step Forward?

The alliance between Israel and the neoconservatives is causing a war. The solution is a countervailing alliance that brings the warmongers to their senses.

Trump, Pompeo, political generals, rapture evangelism, and presstitutes are simultaneously discrediting the US government, the US military, Christianity, and giving Israel the power to take the United States to war, a power that it will be difficult for Israel not to use.

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Thierry Meysan: Re-Emergence of the Ottoman Empire….

Cultural Intelligence

Preparing for a new war

Turkey is developing its regional ambitions by relying on the descendants of the former Ottoman soldiers of Misrata.

By settling in Tripoli, Turkey now controls the second flow of migrants to the European Union. It will therefore be able to reinforce the blackmail it exerts on Brussels with its own flow from Turkey.

In the absence of physical borders, the jihadist armies will not fail to spill over into the desert from Libya into the entire Sahel.

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C. Harrison-Smith: Peace, Truth, Courage, Love

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

Another good interview as you are moving in the right direction! However, both you and Gordon admit that “everything we’ve been told is a lie” but you continue with ideas that do not acknowledge this reality.

I’ve spent more than 30 years in IT, starting in banking and moving to the military as a contractor.

Let’s use some simple IF-THEN programming logic.

If you consider that everything we’ve been told and taught is a lie, then:

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