Open Power Electoral Reform 12 Point Act

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A new coalition of electoral reform activists is coming together. A most interesting “map” is being created of who is doing what.

Below are the 12 points to be included in a substantive discussion to take place at an Electoral Reform Summit if we can find funding for this event.

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01 Universal Registration
• Opt-Out Option
• Prisoners Remain Voters

02 Free & Equal Ballot Access

03 Tightly-Drawn Districts

04 Free & Equal Public Funding

05 Free & Equal Media Access

06 Inclusive Debates
• Restore League of Women Voters
• Debates in Every State
• Cabinet Announced in Advance
• Cabinet-Level Debates

07 Open Primaries

08 Election Day Holiday
Visitors to Disabled
Free Public Transporation

09 Paper Ballots
Counted Publicly On Site
Military and Embassy Sites
Exit Poll Validation at all Sites
Mail/Internet Triple Validation

10 End Winner Take All Voting
Instant Run-Off or
Range, Concordent, Other

11 Legislative Process Integrity
End Party-Line Voting
All Legislation Published in Advance
No Secret Provisions
Process for Citizen Guidance to Representatives

NEW #12

12 End Super-Delegates
All delegates awarded proportionally

OLD #12 Below

12 Article V Constitutional Convention
• 1st Religion & Freedom of Expression
• 2nd Right to Bear Arms
• 12th Electoral College
• 14th Birthright
• 17th State Appointment of Senators

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