Chuck Spinney: ISIS Gains — Time for US to Support Assad?

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Chuck Spinney
Chuck Spinney

Below is a very important report by Patrick Cockburn on the deteriorating situation in Syria with regard to (1) the terrible refugee crisis that may be on the verge of getting much worse, because ISIS forces are positioning themselves to cut the only major road connecting Damascus to government-held territory in north and northwest; and (2) the strategic reality that the only way to US led airpower can be effective in Syria against ISIS and it fellow Jihadis would be to coordinate airstrikes with Assad’s ground operations.  This report, by one of the very best reporters covering the Islamic State makes a mockery of the Petraeus mad plan to peel away less radical Jihadis from the ISIS/al Nusrah axes of operations.

Isis are threatening to capture a vital highway in Syria – the loss of which could push millions of refugees out of government-held areas

Exclusive: Though the Assad regime may not be about to collapse, any sign that it is weakening could convince millions of Syrians that it is time to leave the country

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