Antechinus: Is DoD Taking Over Australia’s Tiwi Islands for a Deep Water Port and Massive International Military Airfield?

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Troubled Waters: Locals Fear Mysterious Tiwi Islands Port Is Being Eyed Off By The United States Military

A senior union official has told New Matilda the company behind the port had anticipated a base for up to 80,000 US Marines as early as 2012, and the politician who represents the islands in the Northern Territory parliament expects a base to be built to “protect Australia from war in the future”.

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Phi Beta Iota: There is also discussion of the US Navy re-acquiring control of Subic Bay. The Australian public should be investigating the degree to which their elite are pedophiles subject to blackmail, while stopping this project dead in its tracks. In today’s environment, the only forces that should be forward deployed are diplomatic, commercial, and development forces. Our net assessment is that the US will lose to China in any engagement that requires sustained operations beyond 30 days no matter how many forces they forward deploy. We would remind everyone that the Vietnamese kicked US ass without China’s arsenal or unlimited manpower

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