Anthony Judge: Weather Metaphors as Whether Metaphors

Anthony Judge
Anthony Judge

Weather Metaphors as Whether Metaphors

Transcending solar illusion via a Galilean-style cognitive revolution?

Envisioning dynamic patterns
Interrelationship and potential significance of four polyhedral models
Cognitive order in space as order in cognitive space
Enabling comprehensibility of global governance challenges
Viable collective discourse?
Recognition of correspondences, parallels and symmetries
Viewpoints enabling pattern recognition, comprehension and memorability
Cognitive implication in configurations of cycles of correspondences
Models: M-theory as indicative of meta-modelling potential?
Arrogance as an analogue to gravity — equally fundamental and mysterious
Understanding models otherwise — as centres of “gravity”
Cognitive combinatorics, combinatricks and compactification in symbols?
Whether metaphors for “universal” mobility enabled by cyclic pattern rotation

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