Berto Jongman: 25 European Countries Collaborated with Rendition and Torture in Secret Prisons

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berto smallVictims of U.S. Rendition & Torture Starting to Reclaim Rights Says Council of Europe Rights Chief

More than 25 European countries cooperated with the CIA’s rendition, torture and secret prison program, and the quest for accountability continues today. “This is a sordid story that does Europe shame,” says Nils Muižnieks, the Council of Europe’s commissioner for human rights. “[European countries] facilitated these human rights violations — they should be accountable before their citizens and before international law.”

Phi Beta Iota: More accurately, 25 European intelligence services collaborated with the secret prison program. A very useful investigative journalism report would pursue a cross-walk of all intelligence services world-wide receiving subsidies from CIA or NSA, and then strive to determine the degree to which the political leaders of those countries were or were not appraised of a) the back door money amounts and b) what was being given in return, to include collaboration in domestic spying certainly against their own laws.

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