Jean Lievens: Feasible Direct Democracy

Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

Real Democracy (Direct Democracy) & Feasible Implementation

Six offerings against the doctrines which state “We cannot change the system” or “There is no better system than the current one”!

1) 2 pages document about the implementation of Real Democracy (Direct Democracy) today:
(or )

2) 1 page document about the continuance of an indicative operating framework which aims to unanimity and respects fundamental human rights of individuals and minorities:
(or )

3) Pericles Network (is a way of implementing Direct Democracy which was developed many years ago in “National Technical University of Athens”):

4) VIO.ME. (a self-management factory in Thessaloniki, Greece):

5) Initiative 136 (a self-management initiative to stop water privatization in Thessaloniki, Greece):

6) The paradigm of frequent referendums by people’s initiative in Switzerland for validating laws made by citizens or for cancelling laws made by their government:

View and download all the above in one PDF file:
(or )

I wish Freedom to all of you!

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