James Corbett: Is Pedophilia Going to Bring the US Government Down? Wayne Madsen, Sibel Edmonds

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Tip of the Hat to Contributing Editor Berto Jongman — Being Watched in Europe

Phi Beta Iota: Pedophilia is the last veil — if the right book can be published prior to Election Day, it could help elect an Independent President and a swing vote into the 20-30 seats in Congress being vacated. This issue is reaching critical mass — if the FBI Special Agents and technical specialists who know the facts from their surveillance, and CIA counterintelligence offices reconnect with their integrity, this could blow open. The US Air Force, according to Madswn, was involved, using US Air Force aircraft to traffic children into Offut AFB for distribution across the USA. There is an inevitability to this story, in our view.

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