William Martel (RIP): On Grand Strategy

William C. Martel (RIP)
William C. Martel (RIP)

The Making of Future American Grand Strategy

Fundamental Attributes of Grand Strategy: First, it defines the whys; Second, it encompasses all dimensions of policy and doctrine including the domains of operations and tactics (across all Cabinet mission areas); Third, it is never-ending; Fourth, it guides the state as it marshals all of its resources—human, political, economic, technological, and military, among others—to defend and promote its long-term interests; Fifth, it enables the balancing of ends and means while helping to avoid overreach; Sixth, it reflects a fundamental political, philosophical, and ideological unity among the state’s goals and policies.


America’s Grand Strategy Disaster

Recommendations: First, reinforce the domestic foundations of American national power; Second, reinforce American leadership to restrain sources of disorder; Third, reinforce alliances and partnerships by working with others to create and implement grand strategy; Fourth, resist at all costs the impulse to disengage and reject any impulses to unwind American power and influence; Fifth, don’t be afraid of doing grand strategy.

BOOK: Grand Strategy in Theory and Practice: The Need for an Effective American Foreign Policy

Phi Beta Iota: Dr. Martel (RIP) produced a grand work, but as with most scholars, appears to have been reluctant to itemize  the areas where the US is the active creator of its own debilities. Until we “stop doing bad stuff” and get a grip on reality, we will remain our own worst enemy, in constant betrayal of the public trust.

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