Jan Oberg: West Will Lose to ISIS – too

Peace Intelligence
Jan Olberg
Jan Oberg

The West will lose to ISIS – too

One of the most important historical facts of our time is that big and militarily strong countries lose wars in small and militarily weaker countries. So four predictions:

1) The war on terror will increasing blow back on Europe and the U.S. Every time a Western leader says that we must bomb more, it means more terrorist attacks on his/her own citizens.

2) The other response is clamping down on every aspect of freedom and democracy, moving towards a police state.

3) The West will lose to ISIS and there will be a caliphate – a natural response to history, however disgusting its methods (no worse though than planning the death of hundreds of millions in nuclear war).

4) The war on terror will be a major factor in the fall of the U.S. Empire and the weakening of the West. The non-West is just sitting and waiting for it to happen.



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