Open Power: Updated Election Reform Act also known as the Unity-Integrity Act

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Here are the elements of the Act for discussion – 12 distinct but essentially integrated fixes. Updated to include end to straight-ticket device within 10 End Winner Take All.

01 Universal Registration
• Opt-Out Option
• Prisoners Remain Voters

02 Free & Equal Ballot Access

03 Tightly-Drawn Districts

04 Free & Equal Public Funding

05 Free & Equal Media Access

06 Inclusive Debates
• Restore League of Women Voters
• Debates in Every State
• Cabinet Announced in Advance
• Cabinet-Level Debates

07 Open Primaries

08 Election Day Holiday
• Visitors to Disabled
• Free Public Transportation

09 Paper Ballots
• Counted Publicly On Site
• Military and Embassy Sites
• Exit Poll Validation at all Sites
• Mail/Internet Triple Validation

10 End Winner Take All Voting
• Instant Run-Off or Range, Concordant, Other
End Straight-Ticket Device

11 Legislative Process Integrity
• End Party-Line Voting
• All Legislation Published in Advance
• No Secret Provisions
• Process for Citizen Guidance to Representatives


12 Article V Constitutional Convention
• 1st Religion & Freedom of Expression
• 2nd Right to Bear Arms
• 12th Electoral College/Restore Runner Up as Vice President
• 14th Birthright
• 17th State Appointment of Senators

NEW #12

12 Economic and financial democracy — overturn Taft-Hartley 14b and nationalize Federal Reserve

NOTE: Senator Bernie Sanders has refused eight times to consider introducing the Electoral Reform Act. This suggests that he is quite content to remain a side show and allow Hillary Clinton to secure the nomination within the rigged Democratic Party system.

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