Medard Gabel: Regenerative Development — Going Beyond Sustainability

03 Environmental Degradation
Medard Gabel
Medard Gabel

Regenerative Development: Going Beyond Sustainability

By Medard Gabel
In the Current Edition of Kosmos Journal

Sustainable Development is a half-vast approach to vast problems. Its purpose, to make life on this planet sustainable, is a noble disguise for the maintenance of the status quo. When the status quo includes hundreds of millions of acres of degraded to destroyed farmland and leveled rainforest, depleted to exhausted fisheries and aquifers, toxic-choked streams, decreasing biodiversity, and a changing climate, sustainability is simply not acceptable. In short, sustainable development is like the bromide ‘do no evil’; it does not set the bar high enough. We can, and need, to do better than just sustain the unacceptable—or accept the present as the best we can do.

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