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Kevin Barrett
Kevin Barrett


Orlando nightclub shooting: Yet another false flag?

It sure walks, talks and quacks like one

They’re calling it “the worst terror attack since 9/11.” A Muslim is being blamed for shooting up a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, killing more than fifty people.

In the recently-published Another French False Flag, former CIA clandestine services officer Robert David Steele – who admits he executed one false flag operation for the Agency – lists ten “key indicators of a modern false flag.” The most important is #10: “Who benefits?”

So let’s start there.

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Amazon Page
Amazon Page

UPDATE 16: The book edited by Dr. Kevin Barrett, Orlando False Flag: The Clash of Histories, will be available on Amazon next week.  In the meantime and by agreement, Robert Steele's chapter, 46 pages outlining 65 anomalies all backed by linked sources, is now a KINDLE Short.

Steele, Robert. The Orlando Mass Casualty Event: A False Flag Drama, Atrocity, or Hybrid?, Amazon Kindle, June 24, 2016, 46 pages, $4.99.

I have executed a false flag operation – no one died – for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The term “false flag” means nothing more or less than “not what it seems.” The FBI, our final line of defense against domestic treason or foreign covert operations on US soil, appears to have sacrificed its integrity and turned false flag terrorism into a budget-building campaign.

The following groups of anomalous questions are addressed:
A. Context: Who Benefits?
B. Why Orlando, Why A Gay Club at Closing Time?
C. Evidence of Multiple Shooters
D. Media-Based Evidence of Complicity & Cover-Up
E. Government-Based Evidence of Cover-Up
F. Omar Mateen’s Personal or Family History
G. Omar Mateen’s Psychological Profile
H. Pulse Club as a Stage Set
I. Medical Characteristics of Alleged or Real Victims
J. Contextual Complicity of Government

KEY QUESTION: Did anyone including Omar Mateen actually die?

UPDATE 15: That this was a false flag is now proven — Howell's testimony that he did not expect to die has been confirmed by new knowledge that Omar Mateen had purchased three airline tickets for himself, his wife, and his child to travel to San Francisco on 14 June. In combination with his upscale travel twice to Saudi Arabia, arranged out of NYC, we tentatively conclude that Orlando was an official false flag upgraded by the Mossad — pretending to be CIA with its unwitting patsies — to a mass casuality event. This has been in planning since 2011. John Kerry should not meet the Israeli Prime Minister in Rome on Sunday, and the FBI needs to get a grip on its integrity — the disappearance of the wife and father suggest the USG is in massive cover-up mode, as they were after the Israelis murdered 34 US sailors and wounded 171 while failing to sink the ship (4 of 5 torpedoes missed). It is now known that Israel began planning 9/11 in the 1980's, against the day when Dick Cheney, leader of the neo-conservative neo-fascist wing of the US Government could make the plan his own. If the Mossad did not do this, they need to haul ass on proving it, because the FBI is obviously not in the public service on this or any other false flag investigation.

Riya Bhattacharjee, “Orlando Gunman Purchased 3 Plane Tickets to San Francisco 2 Days Before Nightclub Attack: Officials,” NBC Bay Area, 22 June 2016.

Frances Martel, “NYU Organized One of Two Orlando Jihadi’s Trips to Saudi Arabia,” Breitbart, 17 June 2016.

NEVER FORGET: USS Liberty – 34 KIA, 171 WIA

USS Liberty @ Phi Beta Iota

UPDATE 14: Robert Steele has agreed to write a chapter, heavily documented with graphics, photographs, citations, and links, to 58 (or more) anomalies in the Orland false flag event. He seeks critical commentary and contributions prior to Friday 24 June when the chapter will be posted.

UPDATE 13: Kevin Barrett is keeping his own running update citing us and other sources, at Veteran's Today. Below caught our eye along with the floor plan showing 8 exits and over 8 CCTV cameras:

From a former mainstream journalist who wishes to remain anonymous:

“My HYPOTHETICAL take on what happened:Mateen’s father wants to get rid of a gay son–an honor killing by proxy–possibly for some quid pro quo in his Afghan political aspirations. So he volunteers his son as a patsy. Mateen is put on an “undercover” assignment by G4S-Wackenhut (don’t know why everyone is so afraid to mention the W word) and given blanks for his guns. The doors are blockaded at his favorite gay haunt and the shooting starts, with Mateen shooting away with blanks. Then Mateen realizes his fellow operatives are firing real bullets, he panics and runs into the bathroom while the shooting continues. Mateen calls his handlers and they negotiate with him for 3 hours apparently trying to work out a deal and, when this fails, a team blows out the bathroom wall and terminates him. The SWAT team, by the way, was not activated until 3 hours after the start of the incident.A similar MO was possibly used in the Bataclan false flag.”
Click on Image to Enlarge
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Phi Beta Iota: The first half of the journalist hypothesis is interesting — the father should be interrogated and polygraphed by a trusted independent investigator — obviously the FBI cannot be relied upon. The second half assumes real dead people and does not explain why one of the other shooters did not just terminate the patsy when he abandoned his assigned position. The patsy's cell phone records should be placed in the public domain. Based on the above floor plan, we lean toward no dead people at all, just the patsy, the exits were not blocked because no one was really trying to flee, and the CCTV camera tapes have been destroyed, as the FBI confiscated and destroyed the CCTV camera tapes associated with 9/11 false flag missile into the Pentagon. Our conclusion: this was an official US Government false flag operation against the US public, one person was murdered by an agent of the US Government, and everything we are being told is a lie.

UPDATE 12: This is a preliminary raw information report.  The below video that is replayed several times appears to show, in the one replayed segment, 24 shots in 9 seconds.  This is beyond the realm of possibility for a single shooter. A good shooter, depending on whether they are aiming or not, can generally do 1-3 shots a second. We have attempting to access the original video to check the meta-data, and we have sent the video for processing, to accurately time the shots end to end and to also slow down the video and show a cumulative shot count from 1-24 or whatever.  Our current appraisal at this time is that there were no actual dead, everyone was a crisis actor or paid extra under a signed non-disclosure agreement, the witnesses are fake (doctors) or coached (survivors and families). We could be wrong, but we are certain of one thing: there is no tangible evidence to date that this was anything other than a false flag with patsy that did not expect to die.

UPDATE 11: Robert Steele examines the claims of the individual arrested in California, to wit that there were five of them, none of them were supposed to die, they were trained and betrayed by the CIA. His conclusion in defense of CIA: this is an FBI mess and the FBI is covering it up.

UPDATE 10: With a tip of the hat to the four alert readers who sent in useful references, we have made this update an entire new post with contextual commentary [ROBERT STEELE: 5 Shooters in Orlando OR Crisis Actors?]that includes the other links shown below for convenience as well as other links on conspiracy theorist repression and presidential complicity in past mass atrocities.

UPDATE 9: CounterPunch has offered up a well-done piece that documents how everything the government and the media are saying about the wife is a lie — with the interesting tid-bit that she offered to take a polygraph and the government declined to administer one. Phi Beta Iota: We hope the President and Vice President are not a party to this false flag, but unless  they demand to see the bodies and demand proper forensics, this looks more and more like a false flag with a gun control and deep state invasion of Syria agenda — paid for by Saudi Arabia via the Clinton Foundation. The posts allegedly made by the patsy, and the pre-event gun purchasing, are both consistent with a false flag narrative. This is one reason why we stress  the urgency of proper national counter-intelligence. If there are real dead, forensics needs to be honest about three shooters and look for the deep state connections. If the dead have been faked, as they are believed to have been faked at Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing, then a collective effort to find them still living elsewhere under very comfortable relocation programs, should be a public initiative. Bottom line: the government narrative the media is so easily embracing does not pass our smell test.

 UPDATE 8: Joe Wojdacz has flagged the first headline below that includes multiple tid-bits including the media censoring anyone talking about multiple shooters, cops shooting victims “accidentally,” shooter allegedly collecting cell phones (from 300 people?) before shooting them, and more. Also below is the one photo we can find when searching for Orlando shooting dead — note the lack of blood on what appear to be staged unused gurneys and the lack of blood on the floor. To honor the rabid pushing back with “conspiracy theories” we add several relevant links from Phi Beta Iota. There are at this time three competing theories: one shooter killed 50 wounded 50 in a crowd of 300; three shooters killed 50 wounded 50 in a crowd of 300 while cops (or fake cops) blocked the doors; this is a theatrical event, only the patsy died.
click on Image to Enlarge
click on Image to Enlarge
UPDATE 7: Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury (which manages the Black Lily to Black Eagle Trust funds used to fund the resurrection of fascism world-wide and covert financial war against Russia) weighs in.  No bodies, no videos.  His last paragraph answers the question, “Who benefits?” Anti-Muslims (e.g. Israel), the deep state seeking to confiscate guns and further fund global wars and atrocities….

UPDATE 6: Multiple sources including retired FBI agents are suggesting that the FBI used its investigations to recruit Omar Mateen as an informant, and note his anomalous change of last name. They also point out that the FBI could have been told to stand down (as they were for 9/11) because Mateen was part of a covert psychological false flag operation — as Dick Cheney demonstrated on 9/11, the murder of any number of US citizens is now “okay” if it serves the political agenda of the deep state. In combination with the active importation of thousands of illegal “Other Than Mexicans” by the Obama Administration — at taxpayer expense and by the same company that employed Mateen (GS4) — we are clearly looking at something that is a) not what it appears to be and b) probably controlled by some element of the US Government. Phi Beta Iota: In our experience, the FBI does not “drop” investigations, but rather “succeeds” at turning the hapless individual into an official “informant” to be used in manufacturing a terror event. FBI informants can also be “taken over” without the good people of the FBI being witting of the “branching” toward ends not sanctioned by the FBI bureaucracy.


UPDATE 5: GS4, Omar Mateen's employer, receives $234 million a year to help ID suspected terrorists entering the USA; Omar Mateen passed multiple FBI and private sector security checks (the narrative about his being mentally ill may be scripted); GS4 is the primary contractor used by the Obama Administration to bus illegal immigrants from the border deep into the heartland, where they are released, with no legal obligations; Wackenhut, a subsidiary of GS4, has been a cover company for the CIA and has very strong right wing even extremist tendencies; it's founder is a former FBI officer. It has been suggested that the FBI Futures Working Group, under the guise of preventing mass terrorists events, actually scripts false flag operations and their narratives. Phi Beta Iota: We have no direct knowledge. We do note two additional anomalies surfaced by Fox News: 01 the alleged terrorist drove 300 miles from his home and work area.  Why? Was this an assigned target? 02 an exiting witness saw a second person armed with a machine gun who could have been a paramilitary officer or a policeman, it was too dark to see.

UPDATE 4: An alert reader has sent in two headlines from Activist Post, the first questioning the Orlando narrative, the second a 2015 list that is most useful when applied to Orlando specifically.

UPDATE 3: “”BOOM! Man ‘Cut Off' Live On Air, After Saying Someone Was Holding Doors Closed at Pulse Night Club” – there were 3 shooters…again. Phi Beta Iota: Anyone who has studied close quarters combat understands the impossibility of one man killing 50 people as the official narrative suggests. This seems to be a contrived event to achieve the highest number of claimed kills in history for an event like this. As with San Bernardino, 3 shooters, very likely contracted paramilitaries. How many people does it take to execute such an operation while keeping everyone else in the dark? Between 5 to 10. 1 government executive who also signs off on payment for an unrelated legal activity; 1 Wackenhut or other executive; 3 shooters; and 1-5 support personnel including at least 2 drivers and 1 safehouse keeper for staging and recovery. Everyone else, including the FBI if it fails to do proper comprehensive interviews and proper comprehensive forensics showing the path of every round of ammunition, is “unwitting.” The same number applies if this were an Israeli false flag attack as Dr. Barrett suggests. Now that it is legal for the US Government to manipulate media and lie to the public, we anticipate not only more false flag attacks, with total complicity from a captive media, but also — if Hillary Clinton is nominated and wins — growing attempts to disarm the US population. More people are killed by bad doctors, accidental overdoses, drunk driving, and even baseball bats, than are killed by crazed people with guns — this is all, as Chris Hedges anticipate, “the  triumph of spectacle” enabled by the loss of literacy among the public.

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UPDATE 2: An alert reader has pointed out that only the stupid would accept the video taped pledge of allegiance to ISIS at face value. In a clandestine environment, the shooter could be told that he is auditioning for a possible operational promotion, and asked to do this, even given a script. A prospective candidate for access agent status going against ISIS would be assigned to increase mosque attendance and signs of commitment. There is NOTHING so far that suggests this individual had anything against gays or any reason to actually target gays. All signs point to a false flag event.

UPDATE 1: An alert reader has pointed out that the shooter (who was killed on site and cannot speak for himself) was an employee of a known CIA front company and ally, Wackenhut/G4S. Wackenhut, which manages prisons among other capabilities, is perfectly positioned to provide “men without a country” or relatives, and to provide men who can be mentally incapacitated or conditioned for “special duties.”

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Phi Beta Iota: We are particularly impressed by the connections that Dr. Barrett draws between Robert Steele's “who benefits” test question, and the radical contrast between the past week of celebrating Muhamad Ali. This mass murder is exactly what one can expect from amoral individuals who want to force the US hand in relation to putting troops on the ground against ISIS in Syria. What the public does not understand is that ISIS is a creation of Saudi Arabia and the USA, and the objective in Syria is to make possible a Saudi pipeline to the sea. Israel supports the destabilization of Syria because that is consistent with its grand strategy to destabilize the Middle East. We have not seen the bodies and therefore doubt very much the veracity of the official narrative. We are pretty certain the FBI will not do serious forensics that could reveal multiple shooters, so this will be another coverup, just like the assassination of JFK, the assassination of MLK, the USS Cole, 9/11, and other recent false flags.

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