Robert Steele: Draft List of 63 Orlando False Flag Anomalies

07 Other Atrocities, 09 Terrorism, IO Deeds of War
Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

NEW 27 June 2016: Home page with free online copies of letter to director of the FBI and the full text of the chapter, new anomalies.

HOME PAGE: The Orlando Mass Casualty Event: A False Flag Drama, Atrocity, or Hybrid?

NEW 25 June 2016: Kindle Short has been published, 46 pages,

The Orlando Mass Casualty Event: A False Flag Drama, Atrocity, or Hybrid?

I have agreed to write a chapter on the anomalies identified by others (I have no direct knowledge). The below list of (now) 61 anomalies is a starting point. I seek inputs from anyone who wishes to point out omissions or corrections. The chapter will be completed by this coming Friday, with graphics and selected photographs all compellingly questioning the official narrative.

Amazon Page
Amazon Page

NOTE: Most very senior people — whether in government, media, academia, the media, or business — are not broadly read and are not as open minded as they might think. In my view, the education of the public, and the liberation of the public from false government narratives and false government information (e.g. unemployment, vaccines, GMO, etcetera) is the center of gravity for restoring democracy and restoring the US Constitution as the foundation for the rule of law — one law for all, not one law for the 1% and another for the 99%. I serve America the Beautiful — and the Whole Earth — in my quest for the radical reform and advancement of education, intelligence (decision-support), and research. The balance of my life is dedicated to truth & reconciliation, to creating a prosperous world at peace, a world that works for all.

Anomalies  in the Orlando False Flag Attack

KEY QUESTION: Did anyone including Omar Mateen actually die?

Context: Who Benefits?

01 Event eclipses celebration of Muhammed Ali, a Muslim fighter?

02 Event shuts down US complaints over Israeli West Bank moves?

03 Vatican agenda enlisting strict Italian club owner?

04 Real dead punish G4S for joining divestment against Israel?

05 Fake dead enrich G4S, the “go to” contractor for false flag activities?

06 Who benefits? Israel, Gun-control lobby, police state complex?

07 Preliminary distraction from planned war against Russia over Syria?

Why Orlando, Why A Gay Club at Closing Time?

08 PSYOP 101 – Disney versus ISIS, families versus gays?

09 PSYOP 101 – Libertine gays “deserve” to die, blame it on ISIS?

10 DRILL 101 – Clear club of innocents, bring in the actors at closing time?

NEW (60) – What role did Police Futurists International play?

NEW (61) – What role did FBI’s Futures Working Group play?

Evidence of Multiple Shooters

11 One to five armed individuals get past security without incident?

12 Omar Mateen overheard saying on cell phone he is the 4th shooter?

13 Many witnesses spoke of two to five shooters?

14 Skilled shooter & a semi-automatic can only fire 1-3 rounds a second?

15 Video of 24 shots in 9 second documents at least 4 shooters?

16 James Wesley Howell claims Mateen one of five trained shooters?

Media-Based Evidence of Complicity & Cover-Up

17 News of the attack released six hours prior to the attack?

18 Witnesses who diverge from script immediately cut off?

19 Calls for gun control included in the crisis actor scripts?

20 Government refuses to polygraph wife, sticks to scripted narrative?

21 Multiple instances of what appear to be scripted comments?

22 No mainstream media (MSM) has diverged from official narrative?

23 Mateen made prior posts and in-event calls to script?

24 Mateen alleged to have collected cell phones from 300 people?

25 Alleged motive – drunk gay armed devotee to ISIS is not proven?

26 Mateen allegedly emerged from bathroom guns blazing?

27 Lack of victim families outrage over failure of government to protect?

Government-Based Evidence of Cover-Up

NEW (62) Security guard called police, they arrived and did not engage?

28 Three hour stand-down while Omar Mateen holes up in bathroom?

29 Mateen’s calls to his handler during “stand-down” not released?

30 Marcus Robertson alleged CIA and FBI “trainer” not investigated?

31 Howell immediately arrested on pretext when he aborts California?

32 FBI does not produce a forensics report on bullet paths?

33 Multiple individuals including laughing winking cop on camera?

34 President and Vice President drop in but do not see bodies?

Omar Mateen’s Personal or Family History

35 Omar Mateen has a history with movies, Crisis Casting, & GS4?

36 Mateen passed both FBI and GS4 screening, licensed to be armed?

NEW (59) Mateen refused a 2013 FBI entrapment approach?

37 Mateen’s father has history with US politics & intelligence?

Omar Mateen’s Psychological Profile

38 Narrative about gay drunk wife-beater denied by wife?

39 All available photos of Mateen are benign non-ISIS related?

40 Mateen was allegedly cool and calm through-out?

Pulse Club as a Stage Set

41 Floor plan with eight working exits – no one uses seven of them?

NEW (63) During Omar’s many calls, no one tried to rush him or escape?

42 Over eight CCTV’s common to nightclubs – no substance released?

43 49 killed and 53 wounded is far from 1:6 close combat reality?

44 Plans to demolish the club (destroy evidence) already in motion?

45 Target club 300 miles away from Mateen’s home and work?

Medical Characteristics of Alleged or Real Victims

46 Alleged difficulty identifying the dead, all of whom carry ID?

47 No photos of dead, blood pools, real wounds, anywhere?

48 Video of alleged wounded includes wounded doing high fives?

49 No evidence of real ambulance mobilization or use?

50 Alleged stacked gurneys have no blood and no blood trails?

51 Alleged doctors did not exist prior to the event?

Contextual Complicity of Government

52 CIA Director Brennan gives false testimony to Congress on ISIS?

53 CIA has made false flags a standard, public has accepted for years?

54 Justice Anton Scalia murdered in Texas weaken Supreme Court?

55 Hundreds of political and activist murders not investigated by FBI?

56 FBI has entrapped 175 others including homeless & retards?

57 ISIS was created by USA and Saudi Arabia with CIA training?

58 So many obvious anomalies it’s as if loyal insiders want discovery?

My direct email is robert.david.steele.vivas [at] gmail [dot] org. I believe that we all need to think together and seek help in reflecting on the Orlando event.

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