Robert Steele: Speculative Appraisal of Threat to Barack Obama in Dallas — an Assassination Trap? UPDATE 2: Paul Ryan Declines Invite to Dallas

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Robert David Steele
Robert David Steele

UPDATE 2: Joe Biden is accompanying Barack Obama, Paul Ryan has declined an invitation to be there with them. This preserves the succession in the event of a catastrophic event.

UPDATE 1: Jeremy Rothe-Kuhel teases out presidential succession issues and exposure of FBI[FEMA] or Mossad domestic terror unit. Is Marcus Dwayne Robertson the good guy in all this? At end of original post.

I have no direct knowledge but as a loyal citizen felt the below email needed to be reported to the FBI and US Secret Service tip lines immediately. The US Secret Service watch officer to whom I spoke personally impressed me. The FBI remains unresponsive and of dubious value.

Jeremy Rothe-Kushel is a respected 9/11 truth movement researcher. Dr. Kevin Barrett is one of America’s top observers of false flag and subversive movements with a particular interest in Zionist subversion and “dirty tricks.”

As delivered electronically to both the FBI and the US Secret Service.

Afterthought: imagine Joe Biden doing the LBJ sign-in over Obama’s dead body, calming the “summer of chaos,” by design, and trading a pardon and an appointment as US Ambassador to the UN (and eventual Secretary-General run) for Hillary Clinton’s exit from the presidential drama….it’s been done before.

Humbly submitted. I am both a former clandestine case officer, one of the first assigned to chase terrorists, and a top Amazon reviewer who has reviewed most of the books on the JFK assassination — it took 25 years for that truth to come out.  JFK was warned in advance of the threat in Dallas and blew it off. The USS Liberty is the measure of what the Zionists are willing to do to get their way, and LBJ is the measure of how far complicit elements in the US Government will go to get their way.

James Comey is not doing his job — you are not getting the straight gouge from Orlando or Dallas nor have the Clintons — the absolute best undeclared agents of multiple foreign powers today — been indicted. This could be a play to assure the election of Hillary Clinton over the dead body of Obama (or her husband, that one is out there as well) and I have learned never to under-estimate evil or stupidity, they go together.

As much as I dislike Obama, our Oath is sacred and I submit this in that spirit. Despite the over-reach in some of the speculation below, I appraise this as worthy of being read by SAC Dallas.

Very respectfully,
Robert David Steele

To: Robert Steele

Kevin Barrett
Radio host,
New books:
Middle East Affairs and Islamic Studies expert guest at Press TV, Al-Alam, Al-Etejah, Russia Today, etc.

FYI – I agree with this perspective. I think the bad guys (or at least the worst guys) are mainly Zionists/hardliners operating through sayanim, freemasonry and other forms of organized crime. They hate Obama for his “pro-black, pro-Muslim” image and his refusal to attack Iran/Syria for Israel.

Same folks who hated the Kennedys, for the same types of reasons. Though Obama sure isn’t a Kennedy. As he reportedly said, “I don’t want to end up like JFK.”


Begin forwarded message:

From: Jeremy Rothe-Kushel

Subject: ***Urgent before Tuesday: Concerns Obama’s Dallas visit is a setup

Date: July 10, 2016 at 10:50:46 PM CDT

Greetings Gentlemen,

I am very worried that this American Gladio sniper(s) incident in Dallas is a setup for luring Obama & the U.S.  into a dangerous trap. In addition to the dangling data from the sniper(s) attack (such as the nature & identities of those in the black Mercedes w/ camo bag in trunk pulled over then released racing away from the scene), parameters are now present that are resonant w/ the assassinations of Lincoln & Kennedy. And it is possible that the 7/7 incident was just the bait for a bigger event.

There is most obviously the time & place-

Time: The sniper operation took place on 11th anniversary of 7/7/05 London Tube Terror which was followed up by a failed bombing in London on 7/21/05. Obama is coming to Dallas on a Tuesday 7/12/16 (9/11/01 & many more deep events on Tuesdays (Mars Day).

Place: Most obviously is the storyline of sniper(s) in Dallas close to Dealey Plaza. But also, Obama will be attending a  theater, like Lincoln, a symphony center named for Ross Perot’s business partner (Bush score to settle?) & structurally engineered by WTC engineering firm of Leslie Robertson

Additionally, Obama is being painted in a similar fashion as the Zionist front John Birch Society & others painted John Kennedy before his fatal Dallas trip:

1) ex-SS Dan Bongino said on friday he’s “done” w/ Obama & that no one he knows at all levels of law enforcement has anything good to say about Obama

2) William Johnson of National Association of Police Organizations just called Obama an appeaser & his administration Neville Chamberlain in the War on Cops

3) Of course, Joe Walsh tweeted then deleted “this is now war…Watch out Obama”

4) Sheriff David Clarke called Obama “anti-cop”

5) The committed Zionists, such as Dennis Ross, who was in the administration, have been recently painting Obama as an appeaser dangerously soft on using enough violence against Arab Muslims & Russians for them to respect the US

In the context of the immense generated tension now, a staged attack by an ex-cop (Mateen?) and/or disgruntled Tea Party ‘Patriot’ or veteran (Micah X, Lee H) could create incendiary destruction for the enemies of our nation and our peoples.

If any of this treason is on the table it needs to be immediately stopped & arrested.

Please let me know if I can be of any help.

Many thanks for all y’all’s work,


P.S. Kevin, I owe you a speaking engagement or 2 down here in Lawrence area. Let’s make it happen soon if possible

Phi Beta Iota: It is not possible to understand US politics or US “justice” today without understanding the symbiotic relationship between Zionists and Saudis, between both of these and the neoconservatives that have hijacked US national security policy and spending, between these and US banks and military-industrial complex, and between the two-party tyranny and the aforementioned. Everything is connected in ways that neither the academic nor the media worlds are willing to confront. Below are a few starting points for those that might wish to contemplate the depth of the ethical vacuum in the USA today.

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Who Is Robert Steele?


Thank you for forwarding it on, both of you.

Now Biden is also going, in addition to George W. & Laura Bush. So, there is the danger of an attack which could jar Constitutional succession, putting an emergency Presidency into the hands of Paul Ryan

And there is an attempt now to associate Micah ‘X’ Johnson, like was done with G4S Mateen, with the same Florida Imam that blew a bit of a whistle on CIA & FBI elements running terror operations.

This now has (been given) the look of a terror network being handled domestically out of Virginia.

Kevin, thank you for being our most faithful American Muslim Academic over the last decade.

Robert, it is very good to make your digital acquaintance. Thank you for passing the concerns on to Secret Service. I appreciate & greatly respect your comprehensive visionary solutionism.


Jeremy Rothe-Kushel

Phi Beta Iota: The recent article by Kevin Barrett below includes an image, reproduced here, that makes clear that a) there exists an FBI/FEMA unit [or a Mossad unit pretending to be CIA, something they do a lot of overseas] that believes it has the authority to kill American citizens as part of their mass deception operations; and b) that former Marine and now imam Marcus Dwayne Robertson refused to kill US citizens. Could he have been released from prison in order to take the larger fall? References to CIA are based on undocumented claims by those handling the patsies that they were “with” CIA — CIA has its issues (drone assassinations, torture & rendition) but on balance we give CIA a pass — the bad guys here are FEMA and the FBI and probably neoconservatives, the Mossad, and neo-fascist contractors.

FBI-framed “radical imam” blows Orlando wide open!

He refused the CIA’s orders to shoot Americans – details remain classified

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge

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