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An excellent search from Copenhagen has reminded us that Phi Beta Iota is a memory box full of wonderful useful stuff. Below is the general search link, with selected “greats” below the fold.

Risk Management @ Phi Beta Iota

2010 Julian Harston “Intelligence Assessment and Risk Analysis in Peacekeeping and Peace Support Operations – A Necessity”

2001 Rotheray (UK) New Risks of Crisis: Fresh Perspectives from Open Source

Berto Jongman: 50 Global Risks, 5 Categories, 5 Major Crises, 3 Major Risk Cases

Bruce Schneier: On Risk – And Death of Civilization

John Marke: Complexity, Risk Consultants, & Baloney

Reference: Strategic National Risk Assessment PPD-8

M. Johanna Smith: Science of Water Being Undermined by USG and EPA — Poisoned Water is Government Policy

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