Ramola D: Bio-Hacking & Mind Control to Achieve Murder — The Case of Rohinie Bisesar

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Ramola D
Ramola D

21st-Century Bio-Hacking and Bio-Robotizing in the Case of Rohinie Bisesar: Breakthrough as Defense Attorney Confirms Her Receipt of Letter from Human Rights Activists

Stepping out of the realms of speculation, fantasy, and science-fiction today, covert neuro-experimentation has “come of age” and is being discussed widely today–if only  in many closed circles–by writers, scientists, whistleblowers, and those non-consensually experiencing its effects.

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Phi Beta Iota: Bio-hacking is real. Pacemakers and other medical devices can be hacked and used to murder their carriers. Electromagnetic and “cancer” guns are real. Mind control is real and has a modern history going back to the importation of Nazis by Allen Dulles for Wall Street and the CIA, with Yale and Connecticut long known to be a central zone for this work.Radio hypnosis and electronic brain control implants have been studied specifically to manipulate behavior. Bio-medical telemetry with neurostimulator implants functioning as  Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) could permit external control of brains We have no direct knowledge but agree with the central premise of the post: neither the legal system nor the media are in any position to effectively protect the public from bio-hacking.

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