Jan Oberg: The New Cold War — West at Fault?

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Jan Oberg
Jan Oberg

Ten articles on the new Cold War and a reflection

While this new Cold War is certainly different from the first Cold war that ended in 1989, we are not in doubt that there is a new such tragic war and that the risk of military confrontation between Russia and NATO countries in Europe has increased. We also happen to think it could have been avoided. This Cold War has to do with, among many other things, NATO’s counterproductive expansion since 1994, the way Yugoslavia broke down and was broken up, with Ukraine and now Syria as well as – perhaps surprisingly to some – the rapidly diminishing political power and legitimacy of the West in the emerging world order.

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A new Cold War between Russia and the West?

Intro to a series: The New Cold War

Ukraine as the border of NATO expansion

How did the West cope with a much stronger Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact?

Fearology and militarism but the real enemy is us

The New Cold War

Cheating Moscow – NATO’s dangerous expansion

Much stronger than during the First Cold War. Why is NATO so irrational?

Shadows of Doom

The Heat: NATO War Games – discussion at CCTV

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