Faded Rose: YouTube (8:46) Alex Jones on Hillary Clinton’s Top Aide – John Podesta’s Cult, Pedophilia, & Snuffing Connections — Temple Found in NY, NYPD Demanding FBI Do Its Job…

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Phi Beta Iota: Worth watching all eight minutes. Includes both NYPD discoveries and follow-up Secret Service insights on Hillary Clinton as the anti-Christ. Includes references to Haitian children likely brought back for snuffing (murder on stage in front of a small “privileged” audience”) courtesy of the Clinton Foundation. Ties in Jeffrey Epstein (likely Mossad honey trap manager and convicted pedophile). FBI Director James Comey appears to have re-connected with his integrity and is now in full attack mode on three fronts: classified emails (least of the issues), “pay for play” treason (the big but beatable issue), and — very much in the background — elite pedophilia and child ritual murder, this could do for NYC and the 1% what the Franklin Scandal did for Nebraska. There has been a conspiracy of silence on the two-party tyranny being completely crooked and disenfranchising 70% of the public while discounting the public treasury by 95% (give-aways for a standard 5% kick-back). There remains a conspiracy of silence over elite cults, pedophilia, and satanic rituals including the murder of children with impunity.There have been specific stories surfacing about an elite decision to sacrifice Bill and Hillary Clinton to fraud convictions if they can keep the elite pedophilia and satanic murder story covered up. If Comey — a devout Catholic aware this will touch certain Catholic Cardinals — makes the most of this moment in political history — it is just barely conceivable that public power and public trust in government might be restored by his efforts. We continue to recommend a Truth & Reconciliation approach. Placing the whole truth before the whole public is vastly more important than any bureaucratic process resulting in incidental financial and incarceration terms for a few.

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