Wayne Madsen: Republican Pedophilia

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Wayne Madsen
Wayne Madsen

Summary article on Republican pedophilia in the House.

Flashback: Investigative Journalist Broke Ex-Speaker Hastert Blackmail Sex Scandal in 2006

In 2006, Hastert was involved with the cover-up of a major sex scandal involving Republican congressmen

Phi Beta Iota: Democrats tend to be the “lite” version of Republicans regardless of what the domain or topic might be. Pedophilia is no exception, here it is Republicans that have been the heavies for a very long time, the Democrats are just in mini-me mode. We anticipate that the Republican National Committee (RNC) and it past Chairmen and senior staff will be implicated over time — the next batch of leaked emails, if it focuses on the RNC, should do to the RNC and the Republican Party what the Podesta and DNC emails did to the Democrats. While currently known Democratic political pedophiles outnumber Republicans, we believe this is because the Republican tradecraft and cover-up networks have been more refined. In the end, Republicans and particularly neo-conservative neo-fascist Republicans, will be found to be the unquestionable champions of pedophilia, sado-masochism, and satantic rituals including snuffing.

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