Mongoose: US Plan to Oust Duterte in Philippines?

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US Embassy in Manila denies existence of ‘blueprint’ to oust Duterte

The US Embassy in the Philippines on Wednesday denied the existence of a “blueprint” to oust President Rodrigo Duterte from power. In a report on Tuesday by the Manila Times, former US Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg allegedly left a “blueprint” for Duterte’s ouster or a “recommendation to the US state department for the removal of the Philippine President from office.”

Tip of the Hat to Berto Jongman.

Phi Beta Iota: Covert Operations (Covert Action) intended to achieve outcomes that are against the public interest both within the target country and within the offending country, are an atrocity. The time has come to end all CIA covert operations and all private billionaire-funded covert operations, among whom George Soros stands out as the one person meriting deep investigation, indictment, and conviction by a renewed FBI reconnected to its integrity. The time has come to end US war-mongering and US interference in the internal affairs of other countries. Ron Paul has it right: we need a foreign policy of peace and commerce.

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