Robert Steele: Seven Questions Answered for The Outer Dark (YouTube)

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Seven Questions & References Listed Below the Fold

1. You eluded to the fact, that you believe the core thrust of pizza gate is happening – what is your overall opinion on pizza gate? What is the size and scope of this?

Pedophilia @ Phi Beta Iota

2. Did the CIA, MI5, or likewise agencies, fund programs to create paedophiles?; MKultra, Project Monarch? If not, why are there so many clusters, or it would seem, at the heights of power?

Mind Control @ Phi Beta Iota

Epstein @ Phi Beta Iota

Robert Steele: Certified Letter to James Comey – Pedophilia, Electoral Fraud, Treason, Charity Fraud – UPDATE 5

3. With another Russian ambassador dying, in the last few days, as well as the expulsion of Russian ambassadors – what is happening? On a global level? What is the game plan?

Byzantine Europe @ Phi Beta Iota

Goldman Sachs @ Phi Beta Iota

Saudi Arabia @ Phi Beta Iota

Berto Jongman: Julian Assange – CIA (and Saudi Arabia) Created Islam Terrorism

Wayne Madsen: CIA; Turks created caliphate to launch attacks on Russia and China UPDATE 2 Russians Accuse CIA on ISIS

Steele, Robert. “The Soft Coup Collapses – CIA Bluffing, Russia Did Not Hack, Blackmail Revealed – What Next?,” Global Research, January 9, 2017.

Steele, Robert. “The Russians Did Not “Hack” the US Election – a Few Facts from a Former CIA Spy,” Global Research, January 8, 2017.

4. If there is so much to lose, from Trump taking a position of power, for the elites, how far do you think they will go, to hold onto power? Are we talking about a potential assassination of Trump? As you elude to with the Chuck Schumer reference? Can we expect a major false flag etc.?

Alex Jones Slams “Galactic-Level Weasel” Reince Priebus, Praises Stephen Bannon For Being “Totally Awake To What’s Happening”

A Spy's Christmas Message to Donald Trump

Robert Steele: Has Trump Accepted A $20B Bribe From Lynn Rothschild To Throw The Election? UPDATE 15

Robert Steele: Donald Trump, The Accidental President — Under Siege! A Soft Coup Rages within a Closed Rigged System…

Truth & Reconciliation @ Phi Beta Iota

5. What would we be likely to find, in the Clinton Foundation, – if it is investigated and opened up? What is the level of corruption? How dark and deep do you think this rabbit hole goes?

Clinton Fraud @ Phi Beta Iota

6. You spoke on education, being dumbed down. Noting the reference from 1950s student educational levels to today, as in regards to critical thinking – you stated there was an agenda to do this – what other agendas are there – is there an agenda, for instance, with our food and water? Vaccines? Electronic smog? What is happening? What is your overall picture?

CDC @ Phi Beta Iota

FDA @ Phi Beta Iota

Vaccine @ Phi Beta Iota

Electromagnetic Pollution @ Phi Beta Iota

Useless Eaters @ Phi Beta Iota

7. If you could focus attention, on one area of research that would help spill light on all this, right now, what would you put the lens on? And why?

A Spy's Christmas Message to Donald Trump

Electoral Reform Act of 2017

Open Source Agency

Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE)

Robert Steele: Letter to New Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres

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