ADMIN: Controlling Frequency of Your WordPress Notifications from Phi Beta Iota

About the Journal

Our default publication rate is three per day, pre-loaded to release at 0730, 0745, and 0800 each day, Eastern time. On occasion we may have a fourth SPECIAL.  Below is the message from MadHatter at outlining options for changing frequency to Daily or Weekly.

By default, posts go out to your WordPress subscribers immediately, and there is no way currently to change the frequency on your end. However, if your readers prefer to change the frequency to instantly,  daily, or weekly, there are two ways of doing so:

1. If they have a . account,, they can change the default notification email settings here:

2. If they d o not have a account, there is a link in each email notification from you that they receive, which allows them to change their delivery preferences as well.



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