Robert Steele: World War III has started – the public against the Deep State – everywhere – Deep State against Donald Trump – what is to be done? (Trump Revolution 08)

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World War III has started – the public against the Deep State — everywhere.

Robert David Steele, Visiting Norway in March, Answers Seven Questions

Robert David Steele returns to Norway 15. – 23. March 2017.

Jan H. Kalvik & Robert David Steele

Defense and Intelligence Norway, 10 March 2017

Robert David Steele, whom I recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize to a Norwegian Minister who is an accredited nominator,[1] is visiting Norway in March – he will be in Oslo 15-16 March, in Kirkenes and Tana Bro 17-19 March, and back in Oslo 20-22 March, departing early on the 23rd. I thought to ask him seven questions as a foundation for those considering what to make of his visit. While I do not endorse everything he says, I believe these hard words are a useful starting point for questioning many of our assumptions about our own national security policies.

For those who have not been following his contributions on these page, he is a former Marine Corps infantry officer and then spy for the Central Intelligence Agency who went on to create the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity focused on acquisition intelligence, and then left the government to lead the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) revolution for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and others. Since 2006 he has been a leading mind in advancing the concepts of Applied Collective Intelligence and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) as alternatives to secret intelligence and the Western way of scientific reductionism and concentrated wealth that is rooted in war and waste to the detriment of humanity at large.[2]

01 Why are you here?

I am glad you asked that. When you recommended me for the Nobel Peace Prize to make a point – a point you made very well I thought, to wit, that the Nobel Peace Prize has not been a serious prize for some time and is totally divorced from the intent of Alfred Nobel as explicitly set forth in his will – I thought that you were giving my ideas as small boost. The ideas are worthy of a properly managed Nobel Peace Prize but I am not. For my ideas to be worthy of this honor if it were consistent with the terms of the will of Alfred Nobel, bigger people than me (for example, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin) would have to both implement my ideas, and simultaneously pull the world back from the brink of war. I have proposed to Donald Trump that he close all 1,000 US military bases overseas and stop subsidizing military arms purchases by dictators and Israel – and I endorse Donald Trump’s view that the US should stop supporting NATO. We are on the verge of a new era in which peace can triumph over war, prosperity for the many over concentrated wealth for the few. I am here to stir the pot.

02 What do you have confirmed on your schedule so far?

On the 15th I am having dinner with a Danish businessman who is flying up to discuss my doing all this in Copenhagen sometime soon – there are many serious business people who understand that our existing commercial models are unsustainable because they ignore true cost economics. On the 16th I will be the breakfast speaker at The Norwegian International Press Center, invited by Enrique Salinas, a Colombian free-lance journalist; and then I will have lunch with Fredrik Heffermehl, whose work in seeking to restore the integrity of the Nobel Peace Prize I admire.[3] I also host with you a dinner at the Comfort Hotel Karl Johan (Gate 12) for anyone who wishes to join us beginning at 6 pm – no reservation needed. I am waiting to hear on an afternoon lecture to a defense audience with a working title of “Grand Strategy, Global Reality, and Re-Inventing National Security,” based on my three 2016 monographs for the US Army Strategic Studies Institute.[4] It should not have to be said, but clearly too many in the military have forgotten that their most important mission is to prevent wars from starting in the first place, not  to follow the Americans into elective wars for the banks.[5]

I will do a small lunch in Kirkenes on the 17th and then move to Tana Bro, two hours away by car, where I am the guest of a Norwegian citizen Dag Pedersen, who found my book reviews online and invited me to visit – I will be speaking on the 18th at a town hall kind of meeting at the new schoolhouse, more as entertainment and general education for citizens interested in explanations for Trump, 9/11, and many other topics.

Returning to Oslo I am scheduled for a one or two hour filming on the 20th that will be turned into a documentary focused on my ideas and how they could, if adopted by China, India, Indonesia, and Russia particularly, save the world from itself.  Beyond that I do not have anything else scheduled; I am completely open on the 21st and 22nd and hoping that a couple of non-profit and academic enterprises might be interested in learning about these ideas.  I am delighted to have heard from several Norwegian citizens who want to meet informally, and am making myself easily available to the public which appears to grasp my ideas more readily than politicians and academics who are too attentive to private financial interests.

03 Can you summarize your ideas in three paragraphs?

(Loud laughter). Well, I have said I can get any issue for a President or Prime Minister down to one notecard with a red, yellow, or green categorization, so I suppose your question is an opportunity.  Here is a slightly longer treatment.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, is absolutely correct when he says that a post-Western world order is emergent.[6] The West has failed for lack of intelligence and integrity. The Western way has emphasized war and waste as profit centers for the banks over peace and prosperity for all. The essence of my ideas is to restore intelligence and integrity so as to create a prosperous world at peace. There are three distinct domains that are convergent in part because of the Internet and in part because the 1% elite have over-played their hand and are now exposed – the 99% are coming together against the Deep State that runs from the Rothschilds and the Vatican and Zion through the corrupt political parties in each country down to the secret intelligence services.[7]

Intelligence. The secret intelligence world is out of control and a threat to society. In my view the Norwegian secret intelligence world is in a vassal status to the Americans, receiving financial subsidies that have not been declared to your Parliament or the Prime Minister, and supporting narratives against the Russians that are false and without evidence much as Sweden has done.[8] I fought John Brennan on the topic of the Russians hacking the US election, and won.[9] Indeed it has just come to light from Wikileaks that the CIA has been doing false flag cyber-attacks that can be blamed on the Russians.[10] The American public is now aware that the US secret world is spying on and blackmailing US politicians[11] (as well as foreign politicians including your own); that the mainstream media is an arm of the Deep State with a narrative defined by the Deep State in favor of banking interests. Intelligence is about decision-support – 96% of all decision-support can be done with open sources of information that are not secret, not online, and not in English.[12] The spies refuse to do their primary job, which is to inform policy about all threats, not just the military threat.[13] In combination with a mainstream media and an academy that is complicit with the Deep State narrative, I consider secret intelligence to be the greatest threat to the integrity of any government.

National Security. National Security properly defined must address all ten threats in a coherent manner, with a Grand Strategy that orchestrates all elements of government, not only the military. There are ten high-level threats to humanity in this order of priority: poverty, infectious disease, environmental degradation, inter-state conflict, civil war, genocide, other atrocities (such as pedophilia and human trafficking), proliferation, terrorism, and transnational crime.[14] I will be blunt. NATO is a pimp for the whores of war (the American military-industrial complex) and it is largely worthless – the world’s most expensive as well as dysfunctional travel agency specializing in regime change for the sake of war as a profit center. American weapons systems are not worth what anyone pays for them – Iran is absolutely right when it announces that is pays 50% of list price for anything from Boeing[15] – and they are largely unsustainable and ineffective against the best the Russians can field today.[16] In my view Norway made a serious mistake in supporting all American incursions into Central Asia and the Middle East (none of which was properly authorized by the US Congress under the US Constitution)[17] – incursions that were based on many documented lies[18] and that have produced millions of displaced persons moving north. We must of course recognize that Saudi Arabia and the USA created the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS),[19] and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) drone assassination program that kills thousands without due process – 98% of them innocent children, women, and old men – is creating tens of thousands of “terrorists” who hate the West with just cause.[20]

The Open Source Way. All seventeen of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) can be achieved within twenty years – for all five billion at the bottom of the pyramid – at a cost that is 10% to 20% what would be required using the existing Western industrial-donor model with its financial and legal handicaps.[21] Imagine unlimited free energy using solar and other forms of natural energy, producing unlimited desalinated water for all humanity everywhere – turning deserts into lush green landscapes – combined with unlimited free cellular communications and Internet access for free education in all languages. I will not belabor this, we still require at least one and ideally a dozen Open Source Agencies (OSA),[22] and five to ten years of hard work before I can be certain my vision will be achieved in my lifetime. I have published the roadmap for the United Nations (UN) and its Member states[23] – the work remains to be done and the Nordics could if they wished to, take the lead. For what we have spent on Afghanistan and Iraq — $5 trillion and counting — I could have elevated the entire five billion poor to middle class comfort several times over. This is where I want to spend the last 20-25 years of my life.

04 That was a very long answer. Can you distill what you just said into one notecard?

— Redirect intelligence from secrecy to open sources, from war to peace.

— Redirect national security from war that creates terrorists and millions of displaced persons to peace that creates stabilizing prosperity for all humanity.

— Redirect politics and economics from corruption and concentrated wealth toward holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE).

05 President Donald Trump is adding $54 million to the US military budget. Your thoughts?

This is the single least-informed decision Donald Trump has made to date. While he has made some questionable decisions, most of them can be explained by the fact that he is an accidental (but totally legitimate) president[24] who has the full weight of the Deep State against him, and many of his appointments and decisions should be seen in the context of his fighting for his life as well as presidency against all odds.

The fact is that the US military is documented as being both 50% waste on average – from 45% waste in weapons acquisition to 75% waste in Afghanistan[25] – at the same time that we waste enormous sums of money propping up dictators – but two dictators on Earth are financially supported by the US taxpayer – the only two we do not support financially are Cuba and North Korea.[26]

The related fact is that the US military consumes 61% of the disposable budget of the US federal government[27] – 16% of the total budget – and it cannot fight and win wars.

When I created the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity in 1988-1993, and created the strategic analytic model that led to the conclusions in Overview of Planning and Programming Factors for Expeditionary Operations in the Third World,[28] I learned that our military is not trained, equipped, and organized for the real world. More recently I have completed three monographs for the US Army Strategic Studies Institute that conclude we need to literally close all of our bases overseas, bring our humble Army home, and spend the next ten years creating a completely new integrated military consisting of a 450-ship Navy, a long-haul Air Force, a three-million soldier Army (instead of a one-million solider Army with six million contractors), and an Interagency Development Corps that promotes peace and prosperity.

It merits comment that our officer corps is very dishonest.[29]

It appears that no one, including the Secretary of Defense, has had an opportunity to tell President Trump that he would be better off hosting a Grand Strategy Summit and getting a grip on reality before he makes such an ill-advised decision.[30]

I continue to believe that Donald Trump could be the greatest President in modern American history – greater than John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan combined – but not on his present course with his present staff and his complete lack of a coherent strategy for both surviving and leading the world away from war toward peace.

06 You have talked about the Deep State versus Donald Trump. Can you summarize?

The United States does not have a functioning democracy. We have a two-party tyranny[31] that fronts for Wall Street at the high end and whose Members of Congress are being spied on by the National Security Agency (NSA)[32] and being blackmailed by NSA as well as CIA[33] while also being bribed by the Zionists and the Saudis and of course every bank and corporation that wants to pay the standard 5% kickback for an earmarked contract funded by the US taxpayer.[34]

Historically half our eligible voters do not vote, and since the assassination of John F. Kennedy by a cabal led by Allen Dulles of the CIA and including as co-conspirators Lyndon Baines Johnson who then managed the cover-up,[35] each President has been elected by roughly 26% of the eligible voters. The difference between Donald Trump and previous presidents is that Trump was elected accidentally – against all odds – and is therefore anathema to the Deep State. They were counting on Hillary Clinton. The Bushes, Clintons, and Obama have all been Deep State fronts. Trump is a wild card – he is, in his own words, “unshackeled” and that terrifies the Deep State.[36]

Trump defeated the first coup attempt, the lies led by John Brennan of the CIA about the Russians hacking  the election, the purpose of these lies was to flip the Electoral College to at best “elect” Hillary Clinton, and at worst send the decision to Congress where John Kasich among others was waiting as a “suitable alternative” to Trump. I am proud to have helped challenge the lies by Brennan that could have helped lead to World War III on top of Barack Obama’s absolutely unjustified expulsion of 35 Russians on the basis of those lies.

Today we have a four-part campaign to destroy Donald Trump and drive him from office by 2018 at the latest.[37]

Part I is centered on Eric Schmidt and what many of us now call the #GoogleGestapo conspiracy to censor pro-Trump websites and pro-Trump commentary while elevating anti-Trump sentiments. This conspiracy has gone so far as to deprive of $3.5 million in advertising revenue, and to digitally assassinate Natural News (since restored). They are testing their capabilities against the day when there is a real coup and both the mainstream media and the social media collaborate as agents of the Deep State to control the narrative.

Part II is centered on George Soros and the $50 million to $100 million that has been spent funding activist organizations that are now preparing to execute over 10,000 demonstrations across the USA beginning as soon as the weather is warm. I have warned Trump that a violent “American Spring” is coming. The recent violence at Berkeley is noteworthy for two reasons: first, it is the model for all that will follow; and second, the Governors, Mayors, university presidents,  and chiefs of law enforcement are all complicit – they are part of the Deep State, part of the “Establishment,” they want the violent “American Spring” to drive Trump from office. This will culminate – in my opinion – in three million people being bused to Washington DC to trash the city on May Day (1 May).

Part III is centered on the Republican and Democratic Party leaders and wealthy activists who are doing everything possible to not only file lawsuits against  Trump, but to establish grounds for the impeachment of Donald Trump. Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about oral sex. In an environment where lies are accepted without question by the media, and amplified by funded activists who hate Trump with a passion rooted in sustained brain-washing, it is very likely that Trump will be impeached this summer, and no later than 2019 when I expect the Democrats to steal back the House of Representatives using electronic ballot tampering.

Part IV is the combination of the coming debt ceiling (in March) and the deliberate collapse of the American economy by the Federal Reserve and Wall Street.  We are living in a bubble economy propped up by various subterfuges. They will remove all the props and blame Donald Trump for “mis-managing” the economy. This is intended to drive more people into the streets.

07 So what is to be done? What are your expectations?

I am told my memorandum has been read by both the President and Steve Bannon. I am not sure they understand the fragility of their position – there is a tendency within the Trump camp to believe that he won by divine intervention, by a landslide, and that with control of the House and Senate in Republican hands, they need not accommodate the Democrats and need not expand the Trump base by reaching out to people of color, Latinos, and the young people who were the heart of the Bernie Sanders movement.  I believe those views to be catastrophically mistaken, in part because I believe that WikiLeaks is going to destroy the Republican Party in 2017 and in part because the Republican Party leaders are committed to the destruction of the President who is – for all of his flaws – the anti-thesis to “the Establishment.”

My one-page memorandum is a distillation of a ten-page memorandum[38] that his current Chief of Staff and former Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) Reince Preibus received in mid-December via certified mail and evidently refused to deliver. This misbehavior is understandable –Preibus’s whole life is about protecting the rigged system[39] now that the Republicans are in charge. In my view Trump needs to do four things to survive the next 90 days: replace Preibus with a proper Chief of Staff such as David Stockman; put forward the Electoral Reform Act as a Unity Act; create a Trump Channel to educate and mobilize the larger public, by-passing the “fake news” media;[40] and surge his counterintelligence endeavor against those who are in an active state of treason and sedition including George Soros, Eric Schmidt, Loretta Lynch[41] and – more discreetly but never-the-less actionably criminal – Barack Obama.

To be the greatest president in modern history – and to earn the Nobel Peace Prize jointly with Vladimir Putin[42] and perhaps Narendra Modi – President Trump needs to diversify his senior team so that 100% of his citizens feel they have a voice in the White House; organize a televised Grand Strategy Summit to get a grip on the details and also engage the public in a national conversation; consider the Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax that eliminates all other taxes including income taxes and shifts the tax burden from Main Street to Wall Street; and finally, consider a Debt Renunciation Pledge that will give him the direct authority from individual citizens to renegotiate the three trillion dollars in student, medical, family and small business debt that is now a noose around the American economy – debt and interest are strangling the Golden Goose, the working class and the middle class.

If he announces all of these things before the end of March, he will vanquish the Deep State.

For Norway, what all this means is that World War III has started and it is not between Russia and the West, but rather between the 99% and the 1% — between the public and the Deep State. Norway would do well to understand the sub-text of the Trump Presidency because the public is waking up to the corruption that is characteristic of all governments who allow banks and the military-industrial and other complexes to manipulate public policy.

Donald Trump may be the next US president to be assassinated. I hope not – but if that happens, it will accelerate the demise of the Deep State. The public is now paying attention.


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PRINTABLE DOC (10 Pages): Steele Seven Questions for DIN 2.8

Also published as:

Jan H. Kalvik & Robert David Steele, “World War III has started – the public against the Deep State – everywhere,” Russian International Affairs Council, 10 March 2017.

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