Robert Steele on Cross-Talk: “Who Rules?” UPDATE 6 Minutes of Robert Steele Only

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Full Show and Text Summary Below the Fold

Host Peter Lavelle with former CIA / Ron Paul staffer Phil Geraldi, former Congressman Michal Flanagan, and former CIA / published intelligence reformer Robert Steele.

Steele segments itemized below the fold.

0:50 – 0:51   Introduction

2:59 – 3:35  Eight books on IC as a scam. Zinni on record, got 4% of what he needed.  A few leaders out of control but they are the best of the servant class along with the complicit media, the people who actually rule Washington are the 40 billionaires who own the two-party tyranny.

4:50 – 5:34  Not just Obama, but Bushes and Clintons were Deep State presidents. Trump is the first president since John F. Kennedy that is not an annointed Deep State president.

9:18 – 9:46  Press was in the bag for Cheney — 935 lies gone along with.  Republican Party is going to implode this year.  It is the two-party tyranny that is the greatest threat to American security.

11:11 – 11:50 Secret world has had an agreement among FIVE EYES that they will spy on each other’s politicians and turn over the take so they can technically be telling the truth to Congress about not spying (directly) on their own politicians.

14:37 –  15:18 It is a a police state. Binney is my closest NSA colleague, we had lunch on this.  NSA is surveilling 100% of all US politicians and judges and also doing Wall Street surveillance for insider trading. Surveillance on American dissidents is incidental.  I want to make the point that NSA has no legislative charter. Donald Trump can shut NSA down tomorrow.

17:23 –  18:42  Outlined on Watching the Hawks the four tracks trying to destroy Trump (media, IC, violent spring, economy crash). What Donald Trump is lacking right now is a serious staff capable of putting together a grand strategy, a Trump channel.  I can shut down the intelligence community tomorrow — I can shut down NSA and suspect CIA including its drone assassination simply by turning off the money, slamming the IC back into a very small box.

18:58 –  19:13 The Director of OMB will turn off the money.  What part of no money are you not understanding?

21:51 – 22:56 Am a huge Truth & Reconciliation guy. Obama is best forgotten.  Donald Trump is an accidental president. What Donald Trump has failed to do is build his base beyond the two party tyranny.  He has not thought seriously about how to build a base beyond the two-party tyranny. When fools like Mark Warner and James Baker get on TV and say we are a functioning democracy  they are lying — we are not a functioning democracy.


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