Mongoose: How Israel Fakes Out NSA with Signal Rocks that Simulate Syrian Army Transmissions About Sarin Gas UPDATE 2 NSA Incompetence

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This was also done to Libya in the past — transmitters in Gaddafi compound to fake his communications to and from “terrorists.”

VT Provides Key to Busting Gas Attack Phony Intercepts

“What the story doesn’t tell is that the Israeli submarine with 84 onboard, went down with teams of IDF commandos who had been in Syria placing radio repeaters disguised as rocks. The repeaters were later used to send out messages “in the clear” misattributed to the Syrian Army, “confessions” of the use of Sarin gas. Evidence from these Israeli repeaters was presented to the UN after the August 2013 Sarin attack in Ghouta that killed 1000.”

Read full article with photos and videos.

Phi Beta Iota: Israel will commit any crime, any deception, to manipulate the US Government into doing what it wants. It will bribe or blackmail any politician, any judge, anyone, to force its will on the US public. They succeed because the US Government does not have a serious counterintelligence community; there are too many senior executives within NSA and CIA and other places across the government who are complicit with Israeli crimes; and because presidents themselves tend to be subject to bribery and blackmail. We await with bated breath the story of how Israel made Donald Trump its bitch after he promised all of us “America First.”

UPDATE 2: Another equally qualified NSA retiree comments:

The comment raises a good point about the IC as a whole. Foreign language competence at all its member agencies is lamentable. At NSA one must distinguish between translation (written materials) and transcription (voice material). Translators are generally marginally more competent and numerous than transcribers, but this is more a matter of degree than kind. A note on Arabic: although there are many spoken dialects of Arabic there is also a “Standard Arabic” which is used in most Arabic writing, especially in Newspapers and Blogs.

The comment that “every single call we’ve ever made based on SIGINT was wrong” is just not accurate. First SIGINT cannot produce finished intelligence. At the tactical level (support to military operations) SIGINT has provided valuable warning and operation intelligence information especially since Vietnam. The successes of the High Value Target Teams in Iraq and Afghanistan provide  more recent examples of this. Second most information based on SIGINT is at best fragmentary and often ambiguous. That is why it used to be called “intelligence information” rather than finished intelligence.  As for geo-location of targets in my personal experience combining overhead imagery analysis (IMINT) with SIGINT has yielded very accurate geo-locations.

ROBERT STEELE: I find this collage most interesting.  My personal take is that the Zionists (and the Vatican and others) have collaborators within NSA. The Zionists can rely particularly on neo-conservatives and evangelical religious right personalities, some of the highest rank. Since NSA only processes roughly 1% of its take, the Zionists can arrange for the fake signals to be processed on a priority basis and then presented by Zionist collaborators in NSA to the White House as “proof positive,” often cutting CIA out of the loop. All of this is compounded by the fact that the US Government is not serious about counterintelligence and tolerates 500 or so known traitors across the national security and financial and commercial elements of the federal government.

UPDATE 1: From a top retired NSA officer who rose through the ranks from enlisted Army signals intelligence collector to manager of SIGINT intercepts against Middle Eastern targets.

What we learned in looking at the failure of NSA against the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) target is that

a) we don't have the nuanced language skills, there  are over ten substantively different versions of Arabic and the only one we come close to is Lebanese Arabic — we such as everything else and I explicitly include Syrian Arabic.

b) we don't have geo-location capabilities — the Israeli “talking rocks” get us every time.

c) we don't understand context, slang, code words, and personal relationships to the point that we tend to hear what we want to hear, not what they are actually saying.

d) every single call we've ever made based on SIGINT was wrong — and SIGINT has never justified the money and time we spend on it.

For those who might doubt this, remember the SIGINT hit that Colin Powell played for the UN — it was the exact opposite of what he was suggesting it said.

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