Robert Steele: The Syrian Missile Attack — Theatrics & House Cleaning? False Flag Attack Organized by McCain, Brennan, McMaster, Funded by Saudi Arabia and Israel? (Trump Revolution 10)

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The Syrian Missile Attack –Theatrics & House Cleaning?

The outrage across America over the US missile attack against a Syrian air base is universal – only the Zionists and their increasingly desperate neo-conservative fellow travelers are happy. It is clearly understood by the US public at large that the so-called sarin gas attack was a false flag attack funded by Saudi Arabia and Israel jointly with the direct blessing of Senator John McCain and the active treasonous complicity of former Director of the CIA John Brennan. Both the current Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo and the Secretary of Defense are on record as properly reporting the fact of the false flag, and properly objecting to the missile attack as both unconstitutional and a violation of international law, the USA not being in a declared state of war with Syria.

So what, exactly, has happened here?

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Alert citizens – and there are many more of them these days thanks to Donald Trump having opened the door to the demise of the Deep State – have noticed that the US provided advance notice of the missile attack to both Russia and Syria; that the Russians and the Syrians turned off their sophisticated all-Russian missile-defense systems; and that the attack hit an abandoned air base and did not destroy the runway. In passing, roughly twenty of the fifty cruise missiles appear to have malfunctioned, which is consistent with the general evaluation of the US Department of Defense weapons inventory as being 45% dysfunctional waste.

At the end of this short post is my one-hour appearance on Victurus Libertas, one of the most important “Alt-Right” commentary sites on YouTube. Highlights of that interview include the following:

01 For once in its miserable long life, CIA got it right and advised the President correctly – false flag provocation, no missiles recommended. The CIA Director was then left out of the final meeting. Both Senator Rand Paul and Col (Ret) Lawrence Wilkerson agree – the missile attack, even if orchestrated in advance with Russia and Syria, was a violation of international law and a violation of the Constitutional requirement for Congressional approval.

02 The National Security Advisor, Herbert McMaster, appears to be lying to the President and in collaboration with disgraced general David Petraeus, who works for KKR, a Zionist Wall Street firm, is seeking to manipulate the president into ordering 150,000 US ground troops into Syria. McMaster, a NeverTrumper who reports directly to Senator John McCain, himself being blackmailed by the CIA and probably on the edge or over the edge of senility, is clearly betraying presidential as well as public trust.

03 Jared Kushner, the orthodox Jew (a religion not a race and not a nation) who may have been targeted on Ivanka Trump by Mossad agents Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell (daughter of Israeli super-spy Robert Maxwell) after they profiled her, appears to have naively or maliciously “bought in” to all the lies being told by Israel about Syria as an “existentialist” threat to that country – a country created by the United Kingdom against all Arab understandings, a country that receives $30,000 for every man, woman, and child in Israel, every year, from the US individual taxpayer. In the video I outline how we can clear or crucify Jared Kushner within 30 days using a combination of full exploitation of all the NSA emails and calls we have buried in our database, and three polygraphs (one each from the CIA, FBI, and NSA).

05 Ivanka Trump, a liberal-leaning young lady of enormous promise – I have gone so far as to call her the reincarnation of John F. Kennedy Junior – naively fell for the false flag photographs from the White Helmets, a known covert action group sponsored by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the CIA (in the past), and appears to have advised her father to strike.

06 The only person apart from Donald Trump whose instincts were correct in recommending no action was Steve Bannon. In the video I state clearly that Donald Trump owes Steve Bannon a heart-felt public apology. The Alt-Right is in the process of abandoning Donald Trump, which will leave him with no base at all.

07 I conclude my video by articulating a “best case” outcome for the legitimately elected president of the USA, Donald Trump, whom I have supported since July 2015.

What Actually Happened?

There is only one person who actually knows all aspects of the decision to use missiles – Donald Trump. There are, however, indications that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is in a privileged position of understanding, and that his forthcoming mission to Moscow, thankfully uncomplicated with the cancellation of the visit by the UK Foreign Secretary, a poodle in the Tony Blair tradition, will establish a “Grand Strategy” for the future that might finally put both Israel and the Saudi Arabia-Qatar axis of evil back into a small box.

We do now know (I did not know this at the time the below video was recorded and I have no link for this, it comes to me from an inside source) that former CIA Director John Brennan plotted this false flag attack, which may have involved some real sarin allegedly destroyed during the Obama Administration, with Senator John McCain and National Security Advisor Herbert McMaster. Brennan got the Saudis to pay half and McCain got Israel to pay half. They blind-sided – this is clearly treason – not only the Director of the CIA, but the President, the Secretary of State, and the Secretary of Defense. In my personal view, both John McCain and Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be impeached by their respective legislative bodies. Whether true or not I cannot certify – it is consistent with my evaluation of each of these people, and a good starting point for an international investigation. I have long felt that John Brennan should be standing before the International Court of Justice as a war criminal, not least because of the CIA’s drone assassination program that I recently denounced in a book review article for Intelligence and National Security.

I totally agree with the Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, on the need for a post-Western paradigm, and I have outlined at this same website my view of how the already planned economic paradigm that removes the dollar as the arbiter of Western financial cheating and looting, can be complemented by an Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) paradigm that gives all refugees cause to return home after the USA stops funding dictators and Zionists. The Middle East and North Africa are the perfect testing grounds for a new paradigm led by Russia-India-China with the surprising possible collaboration of the USA but India remains, in my view, the center of gravity for creating the OSEE solutions at scale.

America is at the beginning of a civil war, not between black and white or north and south, but between Main Street and Wall Street, the 99% and the 1%, Trump State and Deep State. At this time, continued restraint by Russia and Iran among others, would be most helpful. Saudi Arabia and Israel – and the 500 or so traitors now serving across the US Government, are the near enemy, the Rothchilds, the Vatican, the City of London and Wall Street, are the main enemy.

Theatrics for Effect

A football coach recently stated that viewed in football terms, it was clear that the President of the USA is “playing both sides to work the middle.” Another positive interpretation by Dr. Steve Pieczenik suggests that the strike, by prior arrangement with Russia and Syria, was intended to signal the Chinese and North Koreans. While that may be possible, a third positive interpretation could be that the President is signaling the Saudis and Israel as well. An even more devious understanding would have American observers sitting with the Russians at their anti-missile stations to observe the passive excellence of those systems against the antiquated cruise missiles, for our president’s personal edification. I and others have stated that the US military is hollow – it cannot fight and win big wars, or small wars, and its flag officers are inherent dishonest, lying to themselves and the President with impunity It is possible Donald Trump is finally realizing that he needs a Wednesday night massacre, and this was a drill.

Cleaning House

Earlier, when I was under the mis-impression that CIA Director Mike Pompeo (who was first in his class at West Point, a most extraordinary accomplishment) has gone along with the false flag attack and supported the missile attack, I called this a “Bay of Pigs moment” and prayed that it would lead to the President cleaning house.

Many reports suggest that Judas Preibus, as I and many others have long recommended, will be fired this coming week. Not yet clear is whether the President – perhaps with the support of Rex Tillerson and Jim Mattis – will arrive at my conclusion that the National Security Council (NSC) must be abolished and everyone associated with it from McMaster to the village idiot known as Sebastian Gorka and of course all the Goldman Sacks moles, also dismissed. There are signs of a purge to occur later this week. In place of the NSC the president needs a small Office of National Strategy.

Russian Restraint, the Future of Peace, the Future of Trump

I continue to admire the restraint being shown by President Vladimir Putin, whom I name in the tape below as the best ally of the legitimately-elected president of the USA (I name the Rothchilds as the worst enemy of the President and the American Republic). We are fortunate to have Rex Tillerson as the Secretary of State, and I will say here and now that I predict that Jon Huntsman, in the running to become Ambassador to Russia, is very likely to be the next Secretary of State after Rex Tillerson. If Huntsman does not become Ambassador to Russia, I expect him to play a central role as the President’s personal emissary to the BRICS and their new economic-engineering paradigm, becoming the one person in the US Government who connects personally to President Putin, General Secretary Xi Jinping, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani among others….a Deputy President for Peace.

My second Memorandum for the President has been delivered to Donald Trump by hand of a trusted emissary that cannot be stopped by Judas Priebus or the confused Steve Brennan, who continues to resist the diversification and professionalization of the White House staff. I and the many who embrace my ideas for peace and prosperity have given Donald Trump until the end of this month to stop accommodating the Deep State and get on with what he does best: mobilizing the public against the Deep State and in favor of transformation, starting with an Electoral Reform Act that buries the two-party tyranny, and the closure of the National Security Agency (NSA), a “Truman firing MacArthur” moment. If our beloved and esteemed president refuses to lead change at the scale of which he is possible, then a new coalition is emergent led by Cynthia McKinney and myself, with considerable incentives being extended to Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Jesse Ventura, Ralph Nader, Ellen Brown, Jill Stein, Cornell West, Virgil Goode, Bill DeBlasio, Rocky Anderson, and several lesser known Independents, so as to launch the coalition, We the People, in time to create a swing vote in Congress in 2018 and to elect a coalition cabinet in 2020.

Absent a reconciliation with his base that sees the recent missile attack as “Israel First,” and a broadening of his base to include all those and their followers as named above, I continue to anticipate the impeachment of Donald Trump in 2019 after the Democrats take back the House of Representatives with electronic vote tampering such as Hillary Clinton used to steal thirteen primaries from Bernie Sanders.

NEW: Five Minutes on the Treason:

With apologies to the scholars, I have decided not to include Notes. Almost everything I have ever published or said publicly can be viewed via http://robertdavidsteele, and the many posts on the Deep State, False Flag, Syria, and other topics that I curate from hundreds of other sources and be viewed at

I salute the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) and its Director General Andrey Kortunov, whose work on creating a new paradigm for Russia-India relations is exemplary.

Also published as:

Steele, Robert. “Ex CIA Spy Weighs In On The Syrian Missile Attack: “False Flag Attack Organized by McCain, Brennan, McMaster, Funded by Saudi Arabia and Israel?The Mind Unleashed, April 11, 2017.

Steele, Robert. “The Syrian Missile Attack –Theatrics & House Cleaning?,” Defence and Intelligence Norway, April 11, 2017.

Steele, Robert. “The Syrian Missile Attack — Theatrics & House Cleaning?,” Russian International Affairs Council, April 10, 2017.

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UPDATE 3: All indications are that our President has lost control of the national security structure, with war against Iran being the top priority of the Deep State, in part to cover Goldman Sachs' bad bets on the price of oil, in part to suppressed the growing pedophilia story that could take down the Republican Party and flip the Senate to the Democrats along with the House in 2018. Below is the best possible interpretation of recent events. While we pray  this is so, we suspect it is not. In any event, God Bless Donald Trump, for he has rekindled We the People as a force.

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UPDATE 2: The Israelis also did this to Gaddafi, planting transmitters in his compound that faked communications between Gaddafi and “terrorist” organizations. There is no crime that Israel will not commit to get its way with US blood, treasure, and spirit.

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UPDATE 1: The below two links are extraordinary.  The first is an alleged official US Government document that could have been written by an intern, it is completely lacking in both intelligence and integrity — it reminds us of John Brennan's pack of lies about the Russians hacking the election.  The second link is a reclama by an MIT professor that more or less conclusively demonstrates this was a false flag attack executed at ground level with a make-shift device.

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