Robert Steele: Trip Report – Could Norway Broker World Peace?

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Trip Report: Could Norway Broker World Peace?

Defence and Intelligence Norway, 27 April 2017

I came to Norway to stir the pot on several critical topics, including what role the Norwegian government might play in helping Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin agree to wage peace when they meet privately in Hamburg in July 2017; and what role a revitalized Nobel Peace Prize Committee might play in encouraging peace instead of rewarding war-mongers and political publicity artists. My trip was undertaken at the suggestion of Editor-in-Chief Jan H. Kalvik, whose recommendation of me for the Nobel Peace Prize has been a useful provocation.[1]

I spent ten days in Norway. I left with two impressions.

POSITIVE: Norway is in a position to encourage President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin to “declare peace” when they meet in Hamburg in July 2017. President Putin has offered President Trump a “Reykjavik moment” prior to the G-20 meeting.  I believe that the government of Norway (the Minister of Foreign Affairs particularly) has an opportunity to approach US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with a proposal for an Open Source Agency (OSA) initiative that could be replicated on other continents so as to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development goals within ten years at ten percent of the cost of the failed Western industrial paradigm, using instead the new Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) paradigm. This would be paid for by the US – the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) senior staff has twice pre-approved an allocation beginning at $125 million in year one growing to $2 billion in year six. A portion of that money could be spent in Norway, creating OSEE innovation centres. With respect to the Nobel Peace Prize process, I note the recent death of the past Chairman and the prospect for change under a new chairman. Now is the time to reconcile the Nobel Peace Prize process with the will of Alfred Nobel.

NEGATIVE: The leading universities of Norway, whose rectors I approached directly before visiting, and the Research School on Peace & Conflict (PRIO) that pretends to “own” public commentary on the Nobel Peace Prize – and other elements of Norwegian society – have lost the ability to think critically. Their heads seem to be buried in the sand and their sole focus appears to be on ensuring that nothing threatens their welfare funding from a government that is about to go bankrupt. The one exception is the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce.

The Deep State in Norway reared its ugly head before I landed — NRK's highly-respected Anne Dorte Lunås emailed me asking or an interview in the aftermath of my press release in Norwegian,[2] only to abruptly cancel the interview a day later — her editor appears to have discovered I was critical of corrupt politicians, NATO, and the Nobel Peace Prize; evidently such negative views are not authorized news.

Highlights of my ten-day visit included:

  • Meeting and doing a joint interview at the International Press Center with Fredrik Heffermehl, founding president of the Norwegian Peace Council and author of The Nobel Peace Prize: What Nobel Really Wanted [3] and more recently, “Trump – Putin could rescue the world – and win the Nobel Peace Prize.”[4] Russian International Affairs Council, 3 March 2017, originally published in Defence and Intelligence Norway on 25 February 2017. I salute Norwegian-Colombian Enrique Salinas for his video of the encounter.[5] Key points:
    1. Steele: The greatest enemies of peace are the US and Russian generals, not Trump or Putin. We are back where Kennedy and Khrushchev were.
    2. Heffermehl: Prize is not being awarded consistent with the will of Alfred Nobel. It is an anti-militarist prize that seeks to encourage disarmament.
    3. Steele: Trump’s adding of $54 billion to US military is a mistake but Trump is fighting neo-conservative forces. US military consumes 60% of US disposable budget. Trump’s problem is he does not have a good staff, or a grand strategy. We should leave NATO and close all our overseas bases that are used by CIA to smuggle gold, guns, drugs, cash, and small children.[6] A Reykjavik moment is possible in Hamburg in July 2017 – Trump and Putin could “declare peace.” The new chairman of the Nobel Committee should read the Heffermehl book and the article by Jan H. Kalvik.
    4. Steele: Trump is not a Deep State candidate. Difference between Trump and Obama is that Obama was a Deep State candidate with no opposition to his election. Trump is a bull in a china shop, this is good, the china that needs to be broken is NATO, overseas bases.
    5. Steele: Spy system is the front edge of the Deep State. Rothchilds and banks at the top, then corporations and two-party tyranny that treat war as a profit center. We now know that spies have spent most of their time spying on US politicians and then blackmailing them to vote for war and fascist trade treaties.[7] [Media is simply complicit in telling the Deep State narrative.]
    6. Heffermehl: It is not a trade agreement, it is a power shift [from states to corporations].
    7. Steele: I think we will see senior Republican leaders resign, commit suicide, or go to jail over pedophilia. Trump needs to create a new national movement with an Electoral Reform Act. An Electoral Reform Act is anti-war, the people want peace and prosperity.
    8. Steele: From Kissinger to Obama the Nobel Peace Prize has been very corrupt. It has been hijacked by the Deep State. The Deep State is alive and well in Norway. The Prize is a joke, the awards are inconsistent with the will of Alfred Nobel.
    9. Heffermehl: Members of the Committee are mainstream Norwegian politicians operating in secrecy. The main secret is that the prize is anti-militarist. You cannot do arms races and cheat each other, you have to rely on each other, enormous amounts of money will be available.
    10. Steele: Two points, first, for one third of what we spend on the military we could give every person on the planet a house with electricity and running water; second, the intelligence services have become like a secret police, spying on and blackmailing whomever they wish. In Norway, I am quite sure, the Norwegian intelligence services are receiving money from the Americans they are not declaring to their Parliament; they are spying on Norwegians and giving that to the Americans. There is a loss of integrity across the board. The whole point of my vision is to restore integrity, stop supporting dictators, end war as a profit center.
    11. Heffermehl: Anyone can be nominated for the Prize, but the Committee has no profile consistent with the will of Alfred Nobel. Selections should be made on the basis of supporting international peace and disarmament. The only possible reason for Trump and Putin to be nominated would be if they changed course completely, stopped the arms race, and cooperated in disarming their nations and the world.
    12. Steele: They could start by having the US close all of its bases overseas and withdraw from NATO – NATO is a pimp for the whores of war; NATO is how we sell arms. Doing those two things alone would meet the terms of the will of Alfred Nobel. Trump and Putin represent the two most powerful Western nations on Earth – they can move their full resources toward peace, consistent with the Lord’s Prayer – “give me my daily bread.”
    13. Steele: The problem in Syria is directly related to Saudi Arabian corruption and the Saudi export of terrorism. The Saudis funded ISIS [Islamic State of Iraq and Syria] and the Americans are funding the Saudi military that is not being used against ISIS. The solution in Syria is to end all US support for regime change operations, for drone assassination operations, for dictators, and end all US support for Israel – Israel is the mastermind of the Balkanization of the Middle East through war and terror. Iran is the adult in the region and we should be respectful of Turkey as well. Saudi Arabia and Israel are the greatest threats to peace in the region.
    14. Heffermehl: It was incredible to hear a US presidential candidate declare that US created ISIS.
    15. Steele: That is one of Donald Trump’s gifts. He is able to listen and change and not follow the Deep State narrative. The problem is that he has a poor staff selected as part of the accommodation process, now he needs to clean out that staff and start over. McMaster is a war-monger, needs to go. The Prize could serve a purpose as an incentive for Trump and Putin. It is still a very important prize, never mind the corruption. It would be good for Norway to insist that the new chairman honor the will of Alfred Nobel.
    16. Steele: I am recommended – I might be nominated. I don’t deserve the prize. My ideas don’t deserve the prize. My ideas if implemented by Trump and Putin do deserve the prize – and I get a job. First off, I helped prevent World War III, I was one of the people who smashed John Brennan and his lies about Russia hacking the election – and Vladimir Putin demonstrated great restraint when he did not over-react to Obama’s expulsion of 35 Russians. For 30 years I have tried to move the intelligence world away from spies and secrecy that perpetuate wars and waste, toward open sources that make possible peace and prosperity. Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE), for example, allows you to move a million Somalis from resettlement camps to pressed brick houses with free solar energy and unlimited desalinated water at 10% of the cost of the current industrial model. The center of my idea is on the one hand information based – stop doing secrets and move to open source intelligence – and on the other hand, move away from proprietary Western technology toward open source technology that costs 10% of what proprietary technology costs. A John Deere tractor for example costs $200,000 and cannot be repaired by a farmer in the field; an open source tractor costs $20,000 and is easily repaired by the farmer.
    17. Heffermehl: Information is a commodity.
    18. Steele: I coined the term “information peacekeeping.” The public will understand the truth. For example, Norway is buying the F-35. This is insane. Norwegians are buying the F-35 because Norwegian politicians have been bribed to buy the F-35. There is no possible justification for buying the F-35 if you are relying on truthful evidence and trying to serve the public interest. So the F-35 is a poster child for how broken the Norwegian government is in relation to the public interest.
    19. Steele: 95% of the people in government are good people trapped in a bad system. The top 5% are the ones that can be bribed, and the others go along. Open source information liberates the 95% to object. We invaded Iraq on the basis of 935 lies, had we had better open source information we could have disagreed with the secret assessments. We need to move the power to decide to wage war back to the public. See the work of General Smedley Butler – war is a racket, the military is used as an enforcer for the banks. Trump and Putin have the power to say no to war.
    20. Steele: The book, Intelligence for Earth,[8] summarizes the ten high level threats to humanity priorities by the United Nations – war is only number four – and the policies from Agriculture to Water – it provides a strategic analytic matrix within which every government and public can be thinking about how to advance peace and prosperity. I predicted the immigration problem in my second book.[9] If you continue to bomb everyone they are going to move to your neighborhood because it is the only neighborhood not being bombed! From a Norwegian perspective, this book is a roadmap for honest government.
  • Meeting Truls Lie , the Editor-in-Chief of Ny Tid (Modern Times) and meeting Hans Eirik Olav, author of Det store selvbedraget [10] (the US title is The Deception: A Libertarian Manifesto Against the Deep State).[11] An article in Modern Times will be forthcoming, in the meantime the video is online.[12]
  • Being interviewed by Geir Olsen, a Norwegian citizen who paid for me to come to Oslo in April when he noticed that the Royal Danish Defence College had funded my visit to Copenhagen to lecture on the topic of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Done Right.[13] That video is also online.[14]
  • Visiting Tana Bru in the far north, where Norwegian citizen Dag Pedersen, invited me after reading about my plans to visit Norway. I lectured a small group in the new schoolhouse, that video is online and has been viewed by over 3,026 citizens since being posted to YouTube and listed at the Tana Bru Facebook page.[15]

My visit also included private meetings with a Norwegian citizen championing hemp production as an alternative source of revenue for the state; a Swedish businessman who drove up via the ferry to have dinner and discuss sustainable business profit models; and several others in Norway who prefer to remain anonymous.

Subsequent to my visit I deepened my dialog with the Director-General of the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), Andrey Kortunov, who is taking the lead in working with the counterpart organization in India, Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF), to establish talking points for the forthcoming meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and India Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The ideas that led to my being recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize are now in play with two great nations who have the power – regardless of what China and the USA do – to lift up the poor, wage peace, and achieve prosperity for all. This new work joins my Nordic Manifesto (see Note 1) as an actionable program for any government genuinely interested in peace instead of war, prosperity instead of poverty.[16]

I have also challenged the lies by rogue elements of the US Government, notably American traitors John McCain, John Brennan, and Herbert McMaster, with respect to the known false flag attack funded by Israel and Saudi Arabia with the intent of luring the USA into inserting 150,000 US ground troops into Syria.[17]

Et tu, Norway? The truth at any cost lowers all other costs. We the People desire integrity in all matters.


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