Antechinus: Seth Rich’s Leaks & Murder — Exposing the Deep State

IO Deeds of War

Seth Rich, Craig Murray and the Sinister Stewards of the National Security State

Why is it a “conspiracy theory” to think that a disgruntled Democratic National Committee staffer gave WikiLeaks the DNC emails, but not a conspiracy theory to think the emails were provided by Russia? Former-DNC employee, Seth Rich, not only had access to the emails, but also a motive. In contrast, there’s neither evidence nor motive connecting Russia to the emails. The logical course of action, would be to pursue the leads that are most likely to bear fruit.

Phi Beta Iota: The Russians did not hack the election. That was a false narrative created by the Deep State and executed by Saudi whore John Brennan and others, with the active complicity of the Zionists and their neoconservative servants scattered across the US Government, the US media, and the banking industry.

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Robert Steele: The Soft Coup Collapses – Blackmail Revealed – What Next? CIA was bluffing, produced no evidence – Russians did not “hack” the election. Is this the beginning of the end of the Deep State in the USA? Can Trump clean house & wage peace?

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