Owl: Trump Be Gone? Trump Be Globalist?

Who? Who?

The article below, plus other items I've found, alienate me against Trump, once and for all, he's just another oligarch, battling it out other oligarchs to become king of the shit house known as the US government. He's as much a member of the 1% as the Koch brothers. If he is impeached, it's fine with me, because there will be no longer any confusion about what forces are really in charge, no one will delusively think anymore that Trumpism and populism are in the future with a neocon like Pence in the cat bird seat. Then supporters of Trumpism can rally and focus much better against the 1%. Trump is only for Trump, with all of his class biases and prejudices, and for pushing his family to rise from national capitalists to multinational capitalists, where the REAL money is!

Donald Trump, Empire, and Globalization: A Reassessment


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