Robert Steele: Beyond the Paris Climate Deal – Can Russia Lead the Way?

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Beyond the Paris Climate Deal – Can Russia Lead the Way?

Russian International Affairs Council

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, pulled out of the Paris Climate Deal for very good reasons – political reasons, economic reasons, cultural reasons, and intelligence reasons. He understood that the Paris Climate Deal is yet another attempt by the globalists led by the Rothschilds and the Vatican and the undisclosed higher levels of Freemasonry, to subvert all nations and all peoples for the profit of the 1%.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has refused to condemn his fellow President, while also indicating that Russia will continue its commitment to the Paris climate change agreement, seeing no alternative. I humbly propose an alternative that has not been discussed.

While some might dispute the science behind the climate deal, I do not. What I dispute is the assumption that we can continue with the Western economic and engineering practices that continue to favor the 1% over the 99%, and focus only on reducing the symptoms of those bad practices.

I also note that there has been no discussion of the Western practice – largely led by the United States of America and its rogue Deep State elements in the military-industrial  complex – of weather modification, nano-plastic pollution of water, and the deliberate federally-sanctioned sale of a wide variety of foods, beverages and medicines, especially vaccines, that are poisonous. The hidden agenda of the globalists is de-population.

The globalist agenda has triumphed in the West but not in East. The globalist agenda seeks to control the world from the top down, with the top being the Rothschilds and the Vatican, both somewhat Satanic in their private practices. The Club of Rome was an earlier attempt to influence all nations and peoples and it was failure as the Paris climate change is certain to be a failure.

Two questions have not been asked. The first, who benefits, is rather important. The five billion poor do not benefit from the climate change agreement, nor do the marginalized middle classes of various countries. The Paris agreement, like all globalist agreements, is about destroying the nation-state as a political and economic entity. The only people who truly benefit from such agreements are the 1% — as with the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) that President Donald Trump wisely set aside – such agreements create corporate fascist controls over nation-states and lead to a further concentration of wealth controlled by the 1%.

The second question has also not been asked. Is there an alternative to the Western economic and engineering paradigm? The answer to that question is yes. I was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for my opposition to the lies about Russia hacking the US election and for my decades of work seeking to migrate the craft of intelligence away from spies and secrecy promoting war and waste profitable only for the few, toward open sources promoting peace and prosperity for the many. Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) is now an established term of art, and joins with holistic analytics and true cost economics to create a secular Holy Grail vastly more beneficial to humanity at large than everything being promoted by the Khazarian Mafia led by the Rothchilds and the Vatican.

What is to be done?

The absolute first step each nation-state must take is the nationalization of the “central” bank that is actually a private bank that manipulates interest and foreign exchange rates while undermining all national policies. The central bank is also the central bribery and blackmail node through which Freemasons and Knights of Malta, acting on behalf of the Rothschilds and the Vatican, leverage fake digital wealth to achieve treasonous ends at the individual decision-maker level.

The second necessary step is the creation of a national Open Source Agency with two bureaus. The first, the Information Bureau, must do for public intelligence what secret intelligence has sought to do for an audience of one (the President): achieve knowledge of the best available truth with respect to every threat, every policy, every cost….and do so openly. The greatest threat to every nation-state is the Deep State led by the Rothschilds and the Vatican, with the upper undisclosed levels of Freemasonry (34th, 35th, 36th degrees unknown to the 33rd and below levels) and the Knights of Malta and the criminal “consiglieri” to the cabal.

The Information Bureau could be augmented by a comprehensive and utterly ruthless secret counterintelligence endeavor to clearly identify every person who is an active correspondent of the Khazarian Mafia. It must be said that elements of each secret intelligence community – in Russia and in the USA – are active parts of the Deep State – we must clean house quickly and ruthlessly, across intelligence, then the political parties, and into the media.

Although a single page memorandum has been provided to President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, from William Binney, the distinguished senior executive (like a general) of the National Security Agency who reported that agency to the Inspector Generals of the Departments of Justice and Defense, neither of these two leaders has taken note of the fact that buried in the NSA databases (99% of all data NSA collects has not been processed) are every email and phone call made by all members of the Khazarian Mafia over the past twenty years. Since senior NSA leaders are part of the Khazarian Mafia, they may be in the process of destroying this data but my understanding is that they don’t know how to find it.  William Binney does. I propose that President Putin discuss the Memorandum – I have provided a copy to Director General Andrey Kortunov for sharing with the Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov – with President Trump, and propose a joint US-Russia task force that would rapidly be expanded to include other countries such as China and the Philippines.

The second bureau, the engineering bureau, would immediately begin to mobilize universities and entrepreneurs around the world to achieve the seventeen sustainable development goals of the United Nations – but without the United Nations, a corrupt bureaucracy that should be abolished as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization should be abolished. All seventeen goals can be achieved within a decade, for the five billion poor, at ten percent to twenty percent of the cost of the dysfunctional and deeply corrupt Western economic and engineering paradigm. India is particularly well-suited to create a national network of universities taking on each of the nine major OSEE categories (data, decision-support, governance, health, infrastructure, manufacturing, provisioning, software, space). In partnership with China and Russia and perhaps Indonesia, Iran, the Philippines, and Thailand, progress can be made very quickly.

Russia has survived the Gold War that Buzzy Krongard and George Soros undertook with $250 billion in off the books gold from 1998-2001. Russia has been a leader, with China and a few other countries, in creating an alternative economic paradigm, one that Muammar Gaddafi would have embraced had we all been more effective at opposing the French-led, Clinton-backed destruction of Libya just as it was about to lead Africa to freedom.

The time has come for Russia to lead the way toward open source intelligence and open source engineering. Here in the USA our Christians have noticed that President Vladimir Putin is the one international leader that is standing up for Christian values and – along with President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines – confronting the Khazarian Mafia.

Below are six documents that I offer for translation into Russia should anyone feel they are worth reading in the language of the Russian Federation.

The Western paradigm – predatory capitalism, unilateral militarism, virtual colonialism – is dead. Russia has many more friends in the USA than our neo-conservative traitors would have the world believe. President Putin not only has the power to lead the West away from war and waste, he has a power I do not have: to reach President Trump, by-passing the traitors and mediocrities surrounding President Trump, and make him an offer he cannot refuse: declare peace, focus on prosperity, destroy the Deep State. Putin – Trump – Xi – Modi are my candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize. I pray they prove worthy.

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