#UNRIG Log RV 1 Day 4


Today we are in Memphis, Tennessee at the home of a family with a strong interest in restoring integrity to our election system.

Today we also had our first inquiry from a major organization representing all voting officials across the USA.

While we wait for MeetUp reinstatement I am finding that people are getting in touch across the country with a simple question: what can I do?  Here is our answer:

Print the Integrity Pledge (downloadable three pages).  gather a few kindred spirits and go as a group to your Congressman’s home office and deliver this, tell them they can find the electronic version at unrig.com, ask for a meeting with your Congressman in which you demand that he sign the integrity Pledge and ask him outright if he has signed the AIPAC Pledge (if he has, the other half of your demand is that he publicly renounce the AIPAC pledge). America First. If the Member balks, show them the below graphic and tell them you are going to raise the money to put up one or more of these tailored to the Member’s situation across your Congressional District.

The RV continues to perform well enough but I expect that the generator will fail eventually if I continue to use it for independent parking such as shown here — I hope donors will kick in another $20K as a reserve fund against any possible needs while on the road.

The RV will be inside the work spaces of Adnormous.com from tonight (so there is no condensation issue when they start work in the morning, I will be in a hotel for two days, the ideal time to do audio-visual interviews — I will get caught up on issuing Founding Citizen certificates, and create the presentation and on Healing the Self, Healing the Earth: The Open Source Way for the Belin conference in October.

Below is a sad photograph, two beautiful butterflies and other assorted flying creatures dying on the grill.

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