#UNRIG: MeetUp Discriminates Against Alt-Right? Lies About Threats & Harrassment? Law Suit Planned, Never Mind Their Arbitration Clause


The following exchange has occurred with MeetUp Legal. The Alt-Right “justiification” is clearly bogus, their CEO made a stupid decision that puts his entire privately-owned company at risk, something we are going to make sure every potential investor is made aware of.  MeetUp is dead., Facebook Communities is where it's at.  The throw-away attack line about “threats and harrassment” is a lie — this is clearly a weak legal team that does not understand that their arbitration clauses can be challenged by a class action lawsuit and that is exactly what we are going to do — encourage every Alt Right group banned by MeetUp to come together against MeetUp. We are also going to seek a legislative inquiry and a racketeering investigation into MeetUp as a sponsor of a seditious group (#RESIST) seeking the over-throw of our legitimately elected  President.  Anyone desiring to write to Mr. Scott Heiferman can do so to 159 W 74th St Apt 2, New York NY 10023. The email exchange with their legal team — obvious lightweights — is below.

From: Robert Steele
Date: Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 6:10 PM
Subject: Re: #UNRIG Complaint Seeking Immediate Reinstatement
To: Meetup Community Team <legal@meetup.com>

We plan to sue you.  The idiocy and impropriety of your decision will be apparent in a court of law.  I personally find it abhorent that your CEO would support #RESIST, a seditious movement that calls for the overthrow of our legitimately elected president but in keeping with your alleged origins as a sponsor of all forms of civil discussion, make no claim as to the impropriety of your illegal, undeclared, in-kind contributions to the Democratic National Committee.

You can see the magic of Alt Right coming together with Alt Left, black with white, male and female, small parties and Independents with members of the two party tyranny, at http://tinyurl.com/IndieGoGo-UNRIG.

You have until close of business tomorrow to do one of two things:

a) Donate $250K, a tax deductible contribution to our registered non-profit, for a complete quit claim inclusive of not using MeetUp, deleting our two posts, and making no further mention of MeetUp or your CEO;


b) Reinstate us and offer us one year of free uninterrupted service at the Pro level for which we will give you an in-kind receipt as a donation to our educational non-profit.

If we do not hear from you in  the affirmative with respect to one of the two above choices, we have a very fine lawyer prepared to file on Monday and we will see you in court.  I am very much looking forward to all of the disclosure, not only with respect to your handling of our case, but in relation to your sponsorship of #RESIST.  I meet with the lawyer Saturday.

Robert David Steele
Chief Enabling Officer (CeO)
Earth Intelligence Network

On Thu, Jul 13, 2017 at 6:01 PM, Meetup Community Team <legal@meetup.com> wrote:

Subject: #UNRIG Complaint Seeking Immediate Reinstatement

JUL 13, 2017  |  06:01PM EDT

Dear Mr. Steele,

Thank you for your patience while we reviewed your Meetup account.

Our initial communication regarding your account lacked detail, and the removal may have seemed abrupt; I am sorry for that. Our team followed the same review process that they would for any similarly situated Meetup account, but this situation has given us reason to reflect on that process.

I’d like to share the reasoning behind our decision.

Meetup is about bringing people together and building lasting communities. While I can appreciate your inclusive intent, your group’s affiliation with the Alt-Right constituted a violation of our guidelines. We have found the Alt-Right movement to be contrary to our mission. For more on this, you can review Meetup’s Usage and Content Policies (http://meetu.ps/3bPM6j) and Group Policies (http://meetu.ps/35J43q).

We do reserve the right to reject or close Meetup groups at our discretion. You can view our Terms of Service by following the link:


It’s never easy to decide that a Meetup isn’t a good fit for our platform, but sometimes, events after the initial closure confirm our decision. In this case, we’ve received reports of threats and harassment directed at Meetup employees. As a result, we will not reconsider our decision to close your account with us. If you wish to further contest Meetup’s decision, please see section 9.4 of Meetup’s Terms of Service (http://meetu.ps/3bPMxB); there you will find the process for filing a claim with a neutral third-party arbitrator JAMS, Inc.

Community Experience Manager, Support
Meetup HQ

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